Saturday, June 1, 2013

My home in Adore Magazine!

The new issue of Adore Magazine is out now!

 Whilst I always look forward to a new issue of this wonderful magazine, I am super excited this time as our home is shown inside and our bedroom is on the cover!

Here are some more photos 

I'm so happy with how the photos turned out. Photography was by Hannah Blackmore and styling by Claudia Stephenson.

Here are a couple of more shots that didn't make it into the magazine.

I've had a few questions on where I have bought certain things so I thought I would pop a list up here for reference. I always love reading magazines and blogs for inspiration and I would love to think that I am providing that for someone else.

Main Bedroom
White bedsides -Freedom 
White lamps and shades - Freedom 
Life is for kisses print - made it myself
White frame around print - Big W - Vienna range
Yellow dish - Country Road
B&W Chevron vase - travel mug from Woolworths, I took the lid off
Pink Penguin books - Dymocks
Spotty shoes - Country Road
Quilt - Kantha from Fossik
Pink throw - Freedom 
B&W cushion - Freedom 
Deer Head - Typo
Coloured Garland - Etsy
Dinosaur - little shop at Bondi Westfield

My Office
White desk - Freedom Furniture
Yellow Wishbone Chair - Sokol
B&W rug - Ikea
3 prints above desk - Etsy - Eva Juliet
Pink skull - Surf Dive n Ski
Big S - Typo but I painted it myself

Lightbox - Koskela
Stools - Beachwood - Avalon

Formal Lounge
Armchair - Freedom
Sheepskin throws - Ikea
Coloured cushion - Domayne
Rug - Ikea
B&W cushions - Freedom
Side table - Freedom

Throw - Freedom
Bookcases - Billy bookcases with doors, Ikea
White Lamp base - Freedom
Leopard Lamp shade - I recovered this myself
B&W cushions - Freedom
Yellow cushion - Country Road
Faux fur throw - Pottery Barn

Finn's Room
Quilt cover - blue & white spots - Target
Throw - blue & white zigzags - Sheridan quilt,David Jones
Clipboards - Officeworks
Blue clock - Typo
Yellow skull - Surf Dive n Ski

Jasper's Room
Quilt cover - red & blue - Mozi
White faux fur throw - Freedom
Wall map - I made this myself
Star Wars & Super Hero prints - Down That Little Lane
Smile Print - Etsy
White Frames - Vienna frames, Big W

They are the main things I've been asked about but if you would like to know anything else, please ask :)

Please go over and check out the issue, it is a fab read packed full of fab things. I will have to do a separate post on all the other items inside it that made my Wish List!

Thanks so much to Loni at Adore for wanting to shoot my home and giving it the cover x


  1. Simone you have such a gorgeous home! Love your quilt. You know how to liven a place up with colour!

    Sophie xo

    1. Thanks so much Sophie, I must admit all that colour makes me happy! Yes that Kantha quilt is my favourite! x

  2. Your house as always is an inspiration. Can I ask where the white dinosaur at the end of your bed is from?

    1. Thanks so much Amanda, I bought the white dinosaur from a little shop at Bondi Westfield. Sorry can't remember the name! x

  3. Gorgeous! You must be so happy with the photos. They're fabulous. Thanks so much for the info on where you purchased've inspired me to inject a bit more colour into our black and white home x

    1. Thanks so much Kirsten, yes super happy with the photos! It's nice to start with the b&w base and add a bit of colour here and there x

  4. Your home looks fabulous and I absolutely love the shots with your family, the boys are all just so adorable! Well done xx

    1. Thanks so much Nellie, yes so lovely to always have these pics to look back on x

  5. Always loved you home, I have done a blog post for Tuesday on how fab it looks!!..

  6. Such a lovely home! its so nice following you on Instagram and seeing snippets of your home! did you get the office rug from us? it looks so much like the ones we sell and I know your hubby popped in to get one not long ago for you!?! anyway it all looks amazing! I wish you could make my house look like this :)

  7. Congratulations Simone! You have such a beautiful home - and very similar interior tastes to me! Can't wait to read the issue and see all the little details up close.
    Ashleigh xxoo

  8. Simone, its so great to see your home in all of its glory like this. It has such a wonderful homely, welcoming feel to it.

  9. Just Fabulous! What a Beautiful Home well done! Have a lovely day xx

  10. Awwwww...that last shot should definitely have made it in...I was thinking the only thing that was missing was cute baby Noahs little face ; ) Congrats again lovely...such a beautiful family and home x

  11. What a great article you must be so proud

  12. I've always thought your gorgeous home was so very magazine worthy Simone :) Congrats on the lovely feature... you have such a great taste and such a talent for decorating x

  13. simone, you just have the most impeccable taste! I just love the hot pink bowls on the kitchen bench. and colour! I'm a big fan of colour too, the more the better. simply beautiful - how lucky the boys are to grow up in such a colourful, warm environment x

  14. Your home is simply elegant!

    Just curious about the Etsy coloured garland... what type of material is it made of? Thanks

  15. Gorgeous photos! I'm wondering where you got your dining table from?


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