Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jasper turns 6 and I had a birthday too :)

Last week our gorgeous boy Jasper turned 6.
The joy on his face all day was so beautiful.
He pronounced it the best birthday ever!

We had our traditional pancake stack for breakfast, a quiet day at home (as we had gotten home late the night before from Fiji) and dinner at home with the grandparents. 

Cupcakes were made for classmates the next day and we had a party on Sunday for his school friends. We had it at a play centre so that was too easy. All I had to do was make the cake. 

My instructions were pink icing & Spiderman. 
It was one of the easiest ones I've done! ;)

A few days later it was my turn to have a birthday.
On a quieter scale but still really lovely. 
Is there anything better than being woken in the morning with homemade cards and the kids super excited to give you a present?!

I enjoyed a quiet morning reading birthday messages and receiving phone calls & flowers. The house is full of gorgeous blooms!
Then Simon, Noah and I went out to lunch. Once the boys were home from school we had afternoon tea and a Birthday cake. 

That night Simon and I went to see Gatsby (more on that in another post!). We were going to do dinner too but were way too full!

All in all, the perfect birthday. 

Any birthdays in your home this week?
all images my own


  1. Happy Birthday to you Simone, and to smiley Jasper! Love his cake requirements, and looking forward to your Gatsby review :-)

  2. My daughter turned 2 on Sunday- we had a picnic at the local park, it was beautiful. I was welling up at the thought of my baby officially not a baby anymore, she's a walking talking little girl now.

  3. Happy Birthday Simone and Jasper! Love all those happy colours...

    Sophie xo

    P.S. Your family photo wall is so lovely!

  4. Happy Birthday to you and your gorgeous son. Looks like it was a lovely, happy week for you both x

  5. Gorgeous celebrations Sim.
    Happy birthday to you both
    Claire xx

  6. Happy birthday Jasper. Simone, can I ask where is the lightbox "Happy birthday Jasper" from?

  7. Happy belated birthday lovely (to you and your sweet little Mr 6!!) So much loveliness in these photos... those pink hydrangeas, the beautiful posy of flowers, that 'Thank You' stamp... love it all! x


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