Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Noah - 12mths

I've so enjoyed noting down Noah's progress over the last 12 months. This blog will always be a wonderful memory of his first year.
This month Noah is standing on his own, cruising furniture, lunging towards us and expecting us to catch him,has 6 teeth,eats anything, sleeps through the night, uses his little trolley to walk around, is babbling more and having conversations with us. 

I just had to share some of pics of Noah I've shared on Instagram over the year. It is so lovely to have them in the one place to look back on :) I've definitely been snap happy!

It has been so lovely to share his first year with you all.
I can't believe it went by so quickly.

If there is one thing I can see when looking at all of his photos in one place, is that he was born with those gorgeous chubby cheeks and they are still here!!

all images my own


  1. Noah is just adorable Simone! I love reading your updates and seeing all of the photos together reminds me of just how quickly bubs grow. xx

  2. Thanks Nellie, they do change so quickly! I bet you're taking heaps of pics of Jack too xx

  3. He's also one for dressing up ;) very ka-yute x

  4. He's also one for dressing up ;) very ka-yute x


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