Thursday, April 18, 2013

Loving Freedom right now.

I always keep an eye on what Freedom is doing with their furniture and homewares as I used to work there before having Jasper. I used to sell furniture and homewares and help customers style up their homes.

 I also used to make massive wish lists and spend a chunk of my pay on things for my own home. 

Half my house is from Freedom. That staff discount was too good to pass up!

I'm loving what they are doing lately.
So many great things!

I have bought some of their b&w cushions and I just love them. 

I love everything above too and can see it fitting in perfectly at home.
Do you have a "go-to" shop that you know you will always find something you like?
last image my own every thing else is from the Freedom website


  1. I was in Freedom last week and when I saw those cushions I thought of you. I wish that gorgeous map was a bit cheaper! I would have walked away with it if it was.

  2. I am a fan of Freedom too and love going in for a wander. I often click on their website to see what's new too. I love that floor rug above... would fit in perfectly here if only it were a smidgen bigger. I would have loved to have had you working at our local store... your advice and styling expertise would have been wonderful!! x

  3. I haven't been in Freedom lately but gee they have stepped it up a notch for sure. It will be interesting to see their direction once West Elm and Pottery Barn open in Oz!


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