Friday, April 19, 2013

An afternoon at the park.

We had a gorgeous afternoon at the park the other day. 

The light was beautiful and I just couldn't resist snapping some pics of the boys. 

It was so lovely to see Noah interacting with his brothers and the other kids at the park. So much nicer in the school holidays when the big brothers can come with us too.


  1. Finn and Noah always look at each other with such love on their faces... they're all gorgeous shots Simone but the one in the last set of four on the top right is just precious! Last day of school here today... we're all looking forward to the holidays and a break in routine x

  2. gorgeous snaps you know I can never tire of looking at little Noah...he just makes me melt...Hx

  3. Oh Simone! My heart skipped a beat when I saw these pics, SO SO beautiful. Your boys look like great little mates already, just peas in a pod. I think 3 boys is such a wonderful combo, they are going to be such a fun package as they grow older. We are enjoying the holidays and having Angus home with us too, my 2 boys are forming that unbreakable bond a little bit more each day now too xo


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