Friday, February 15, 2013

This week......

I got organised and made some invitations for Noah's 1st birthday! You've got to love Pinterest for ideas. 
Where has that year gone?

I loved seeing all of my boys sitting together and having breakfast. It's those little things :)

I thought this was a really clever use of multiple Polaroid or Instagram photos. Now to find a wall!

I was a proud mama watching Finn walk (swim) away with 3 blue ribbons at his Swimming Carnival.
Being a new school and all, I think it was just the boost he needed. Plus all those early mornings driving to swim squad were worth it ;)

After all these years of meaning to make Bircher muesli, I finally got organised the night before and did it. Too easy.
Oats, milk, vanilla yoghurt, apple juice and grated apple left in a bowl overnight in the fridge and topped with berries in the morning. Yum!

I loved the cover of Real Living this month. And I might just need to add to my linen collection after all. You can get this spotty/floral beauty from Target!

I couldn't sleep the other night and found myself online buying this gorgeous bit of sunshine.
It is going to be my new desk chair.  It makes me happy just looking at it!

And this week I'm craving sleep, it has been a bit scarce around here lately. Noah is teething and has been waking up at night. At least I hope that's the reason!

How has your week been?


  1. Looks like a pretty perfect week - and that chair! You lucky thing. Gorgeous x

  2. HI Simone, I have been loving your posts this week! Congrats on the mag feature articles! They look great. Well done to Finn as well, in the early days it is definately the most dedicated mumma that gets results.x

  3. What a beautiful post Simone. I just love that pic of your 3 boys eating, so so gorgeous! Noah's invitations look adorable. Well done to Finn on his swimming achievements, that is very impressive. Target do have a lovely range of bed linen, we just purchased a new quilt cover set for Angus, who is thrilled to bits with his bed's new look. Oh and that chair, so funky and pretty all at once.

  4. That photo of your three boys together is just gorgeous!! So many lovely things in this post... your new chair, Noah's invites, that photo wall... the bircher muesli which you've enticed me to give a go. and well done Finn on being a super swimmer xx


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