Friday, February 22, 2013

Noah - 10mths

Our darling littlest boy is 10mths. 
Here are a few things about Noah this month.

1. He is up and into everything at the moment. The photo tells the story! Noah is loving pulling himself up and touching all the bits and pieces. I have had to move the coffee table away for the moment just to give myself a rest ;) He is getting very brave and letting go of one lounge and grabbing hold of the other. Love seeing his spirit and curiosity.

2. We've moved Noah into the forward facing car seat this month. I hung onto the capsule as long as I could as I loved the ease of detaching it and popping it on the pram. So handy to transfer him if he was asleep but I felt a bit guilty seeing his legs dangle over the edge :) So into the pram sitting up it is. Love seeing all 3 boys in the back seat! Still such a novelty :)

3. Noah's in LOVE with his brothers and cries every morning when they go to school if they just race out the door. They have to hug him and say goodbye and then he's happy. It seems that just Mummy is a bit boring at the moment.

4. Noah loves to dance and waves his hands in the air and jiggles side to side. Loves everyone to clap and cheer him on :)

5. Bath time and changing nappies is becoming a struggle as he has become a real wriggler! Noah is always trying to stand up in the bath or turn over when getting his nappy changed. I've become quite speedy out of necessity!

6. Noah's hair is still growing straight down at the front and looking like some kind of comb over :) I can't fluff it up no matter what I do. Maybe time for a haircut to get some shape and style in it?

7. This month he is loving strawberries, has gone off bananas and loves to snack on steamed broccoli. We found out he loves pancakes and cheerios for breakfast now. Also if you are eating he must too! No matter if he has just finished a meal, you're sharing your meal with him :) After having a fussy eater in the family I am enjoying seeing Noah eat with gusto! 

8. Noah has 4 teeth now, 2 top, 2 bottom and created quite a fuss whilst they were coming through. I felt I was back at the beginning with the sleepless nights but thankfully Noah has settled down again. Phew!!

I really noticed the changes this month, he is growing up so fast!


  1. He is beautiful Simone... and how quickly has 10 months gone!?
    Had to laugh about the car capsule, I totally know what you mean, I did a similar thing with Felix and the bassinet, loved having him sleep right next to me... so left him in it until he was 6 months old!
    And have to say I am in LOVE with your lounge cushion, those palm trees are dreamy xoxo

  2. How can Noah only be 2 months off his 1st birthday??? Where has the time flown? He is a real cutie Simone. He'll be keeping you on your toes even more once he takes those first steps :)

  3. Oh, he got so BIG so quickly! Is it just me, or does each child grow up quicker than the last?

    Enjoy those moments. They go far too quickly! x


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