Monday, January 21, 2013

Noah - 9mth

I'm a bit late with this post but here is Noah's at 9mths

He has had 2 major firsts - Christmas & New Year. He was pretty chilled about both :)
Although he is loving all of his new Christmas toys. His favourite at the moment is a music set. He likes to tap the xylophone and shake the castanets.

New Years Eve, he missed. Slept through from 7pm - 7am. It was so nice to be home, just us and celebrate together.

This month Noah started to crawl, he gets up on his hands and knees then flops onto his tummy and does a commando type crawl. He is fast! I am now even more vigilant about things on the floor as everything goes straight into his mouth. The boys have been great with keeping an eye on this too.
He has started pulling cords and trying to pull up on the coffee table so I am telling him 'no' and moving him away. He always stops when I say no, so far so good :)

Noah has loved having the boys home on school holidays as they are always doing something fun with him. More people to read books with, dance and make him laugh. Due to all the scorching hot days we have been spending tons of time in the pool. Noah loves the water and has a very strong kick on him. I bought one of those inflatable baby seats and that way he can be amongst us all while we swim. Even with this hot weather and no air conditioning he has managed quite well and continued with his usual sleeps which has been great.

His appetite is still good and Noah continues to try lots of different food. I have relaxed a bit more with what he is having and feeding him more off our plates and a bigger variety of finger food. He copes really well with different textures etc.
His new favourite is the avocado baby sushi rolls. I forgot how messy and sticky they could be!! He also loves his babybel cheese broken up into pieces. He is still drinking water out of a cup. I think we are going to bypass the sippy cup altogether as he is still just throwing them.

Noah is clapping hands, waving goodbye, saying mumma, dadda, nanna, ball (I think!) and he was trying to say Finn the other day. Well he has taken to pausing before saying things and you can see his brain ticking over trying out the new sounds. Always so lovely to hear :)

Anytime music is on, he wiggles and dances.  He loves his swing and Jasper loves to push him in it. Noah loves to throw his toys out of the pram for fun at the shops. We almost lost Sophie in Target but Finn realised before we had left and found it :)

He is growing so fast and achieving something new every few days. I am really trying to take it all in and savour it, as it will be the last time we experience this baby stage.

I have started planning for his first birthday already as it will be here in the blink of an eye!


  1. 9 months already, my goodness his first year is flying by. Gorgeous photo of your cute little crawler xo

  2. Goodness Simone, I can't believe his first birthday is already so close!! What a darling Noah is... there'll be no stopping him now he's crawling!! x


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