Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Feeling hot, hot, hot!!

Like everyone today we were melting in this heat!!
I think it got to 41 here at home according to the iphone temp and it's still 37 degrees at 10pm.
Just crazy!! We are so unused to it as we can usually rely on that cool sea breeze.

We don't have air conditioning as we don't usually need it but today was one of those days I wish we had it. Instead we kept cool with about 6 swims in the pool, ice-blocks and the hose.

Hope you all kept cool today. How did you do it?

Below are some gorgeous homes I have had in a file for ages with beautiful pools.


  1. I LOVE the underwater shots. What camera did you use for them?
    It didn't get too hot here in Brisbane today. I think tomorrow is going to be hotter...but it seems you guys down South are copping the higher temps at the mo.
    Keep up with the ice-blocks and swimming :)
    How does Noah cope with day naps in that kinda heat? We moved Ryder's cot to the centre of his room so he was directly under the fan....he does not like the heat when he sleeps.
    Claire xx

  2. Hi Claire, the underwater pics were taken with Simon's new toy - the GoPro3 hero black edition (he said it was important to say that!!)
    I grew up out in the country so I was used to the high temps as a kid but can't cope now!
    Luckily Noah's room is at the front of the house and was the coolest one. He did have both his sleeps, I think the swimming wore him out. Actually all 3 boys are sleeping very deeply!! Watching them swim, they burn so much energy as they must have got in and out of the pool 100 times to jump in xx

  3. Gotta love an underwater gopro shot! Just think what it would be like to not have a pool? Phew, we are lucky to have the space to add them to our homes.x

    1. I know Karla, very lucky. Although it was one of the first on our priority list. We couldn't afford to landscape the gardens but we had the pool!! x

  4. This pics made me smile !! Loved them - you will cherish these forever !!! GoPro's are so much fun !!!!

    1. Thans hj, yes its so lovely to have these memories captured x

  5. Oh what adorable photos of your boys underwater, so cute! Sounds like you handled the day in the best way possible, I can't believe how hot it got here in Sydney. We missed the whole thing, as we were on holidays in Qld. And funnily enough, Qld temps didn't get over 33 the entire time we were there.
    Love the pool photos too, absolutely divine xo

  6. This is one advantage of having a pool at home -- the fact that you are able to use it any time you fancy. Particularly when the temperature hits 37 degrees. Swimming is really the best way to cool your body down and have fun at the same time.

    Silvia Morris @ Claudette Pools


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