Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Noah - 8 mths

Noah is 8 mths now. I know I keep repeating myself but I can't believe how this year has flown!
I love watching him learn and grow each day. 
This month he has started grabbing the spoon at meal times and feeding himself. He manages to feed himself a few mouthfuls but creates a huge mess :)
Favourite foods at the moment are strawberries and bananas and he likes to nibble on a finger of toast but I am so nervous of him choking that I hover around and never let him finish it!
He is basically eating the same dinners as we are, I just pop his in the food processor for a whiz first.
I find that he is not loving his sippy cups, he prefers to try and pull the top off or constantly throw it on the floor but when I hold a cup and let him sip from it, he slurps away!
Noah loves to sit up more and is moving more and more. He is pulling himself up on his hands and knees and is rocking back and forward, so crawling looks like it will be coming up soon. He manages to move around by wiggling lots.
His first tooth has come through with a minimum of fuss. He loves his new toothbrush and loves to chew on it in the bath. He had his first Santa photo and was all smiles. 
I think having his older brothers holding him in the pic was a big contributor to this :)
His favourite trick at the moment is clapping hands and we are teaching him to wave and say hi.
Noah is wearing size 0 clothes and is living in soft cotton shorts and tshirts from either Cotton On Kids, Country Road or Big W. I love Bonds for his pj's.  His hair is growing in some kind of weird comb over style and sits very flat! When I remember I always try to brush it back and "train" it in some kind of style :)
It's the boys last day of school for the year today and I know Noah is going to love having them at home for 6 weeks. Lot of extra cuddles and giggles to come.
I'm also looking forward to Christmas morning with the 5 of us sharing Noah's first Christmas.
All magical moments.


  1. A perfect time of year to learn how to crawl and keep up with his big brothers :-). Such a cute little man! x

  2. 8 months already??!!!!!! How times flies!
    He is such a lovely little bub. He always looks so calm and happy.

    Ryder is the same with the sippy cups - throws them on the floor or gets cranky at the lids...but happily drinks if there is no lid. I started giving him water from little juice bottles at a young age as he preferred them to a sippy cups.

    Wishing Noah a very happy 1st Christmas :)))

  3. Simone, what a delightful little bub you have, he's gorgeous and always so smily :) Glad to hear his Santa photo went well - Sophie was petrified and wouldn't even sit on Grace's lap next to him :) What a special Christmas it will be in your household this year.

    P.S Is that your kitchen in the pic above? It looks lovely... if so please share more :)

  4. Awww, he is so sweet Simone. Gorgeous little face chomping on his bikkies. VERY special Christmas for you guys, indeed xo

  5. We must catch up. I need to squeeze him. Xx


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