Saturday, December 22, 2012

Festive touches and a Christmas Wish List.

This week Christmas kicked into gear. I made Reindeer cupcakes and Reindeer food for Jasper's classmates. Finn wrote out his own Christmas cards and candy canes to his friends.

We gave both Jasper and Finn's teachers homemade Rocky Road and a flower pot.

I had to do my usual dress up with Noah. Baby Santa this time :)

And I've popped together a few things I would love for Christmas!

This Lucky Horseshoe bracelet from Claire Aristides. Rose gold, please Santa!

I'd love a dinner out , I'd love to try Mr Wong.

I'd love to attend a class at Megan Morton's The School.
Particularly the paper chandelier class by Lulu Lucky in February. I might have already booked this ;)

I always love something new to wear for Christmas Day. This white top from Forever New is gorgeous!

Love all of the bedding range from Kip and Co. Swoon!

Also these Turkish towels are great! So lightweight for the beach bag.

Have you shared your wish list yet?
Have you finished all of your Christmas shopping?
This must be my most disorganised year ever. I just can't seem to get it together. I keep having to pop back to the shops!!


  1. I am really keen to do the paper chandelier class as well. xx

  2. It looks so cool Emma! So many classes at The School I want to do x

  3. Oh my goodness... that pic of Noah in the Santa suit is unbelievably gorgeous, so so cute :)
    What lovely little gifts you made up with so much thought and care going into them, lucky teachers and classmates.
    Some wonderful items on your wish list there Simone, I do hope Santa's kind ;) xoxo

  4. Aw, you know how to put together a very interesting wish list! Paper chandelier making sounds nuts! I hope you get that one - I am eager to hear more! x

  5. Noah looks absolutely adorable! I've just popped over to The School! WOW! I've made a list of 4 classes I want to do! The chadelier one looks amazing! Thanks for sharing Simone! That bedspread is gorgeous... You have great taste girl :)

    Sophie xo

  6. Noah looks so cute I want to eat him & that quilt set is to die for.

  7. That photo of Noah is DIVINE!!
    I love your wishlist. I'd love to go to a class at the School too. I'm hoping Megan brings it back to Melbourne next year.
    Hope you and your boys have a wonderful Christmas xx

  8. That bed linen is amazing.

    Love baby Santa, he looks gorgeous! I wish I could dress Ted like that again this year, but he would refuse I'm sure!

    Good luck with your wishlist!



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