Thursday, December 20, 2012

Celebrating our anniversary

Simon and I had a wonderful day on Tuesday celebrating our anniversary.
Finn and Jasper were at school/kindy so we only had Noah with us :)
We decided to have a lovely lunch out and you can't get any prettier than The Boathouse at Palm Beach. We also love the drive up there and as Noah slept in the car it was perfect.

The Boathouse was packed as it was the most gorgeous sunny day but we found a table in the courtyard in the shade. Everything looked delicious and I decided to order the vegetable frittata but when I was told that they had sold out I opted for the fish n chips. Yum! Simon had the Chicken panini and a small serve of salt and pepper calamari.  Noah decided to wake and join us for a hot chip or two.
I love a lunch out,  I think I prefer them to dinners out. Not too sure why that is :)

We were going to go out for a cocktail and tapas and had a babysitter lined up but as Noah was a bit unsettled the night before we decided to send the older boys to the grandparents for dinner and a sleepover and pop Noah to bed ourselves. 
Once he was in bed, we rustled up a little antipasto platter and cracked a bottle of champagne that we were given ages ago. Then we just sat and talked and laughed.
It was great and such a change from our normal night time routine with the boys. It really made us realise that we have to take more time for just the two of us.

I decided to start a champagne chair collection which will remind us of happy, celebratory times.
The one from Tuesday night will be the first one :)


  1. gorgeous photos congratulations, a beautiful family and a lovely place to spend the day. I adore the first few photos of the flowers and fruit.
    have a lovely Christmas.
    Bec x

  2. That sounds like the most perfect way to celebrate! Taking notes for our 9 year anniversary in march. And I love your ring- gorgeous!

  3. It truly sounds like the perfect day.
    I love love love the idea of the little champagne very very cute!!!!
    I think as parents {especially of young ones who take all our time} we forget to indulge in 'couple time'. So important that we have that time every now and then though.
    Congrats on 13 years.

  4. What a super day. We love the Boathouse at Palm Beach too. A bit of a drive for me being in the Hills but so worth it.

    That Champagne chair is awesome! Am totally going to try that next time I open a bottle, which won't be until baby is born ;)

    Congrats again xx

  5. Just beautiful, you now how to celebrate!! You're such a great couple, congratulations, love Posie

  6. Beautiful photos Simone, sounds like a perfect day indeed. Love the little champagne chair idea, so so cute! xo

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Love those Parker's he he. Xx


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