Friday, November 23, 2012

This week I'm Loving......

I'm looking for the perfect flat tan shoe. 
I like these ones from Urge.

I love these cute smiley face ice cubes. They would be perfect for Summer entertaining.

I love this pretty carafe from Perfect Pieces.

I love the colours and style of this printed top from Forever New.

I love the glitziness of these shoes from Peep Toe!

I haven't smelt this but love the sound of it. Delicious!

I kind of want a pretty set of cutlery. I love these ones but can't remember where I saved the pic from!!

I love that Finn is not too old to hop onto Simon's shoulders :) We all had a good giggle over this at the shops the other day, considering that Finn is almost as tall as Simon.

I took the leap and dyed my hair brown! So I am not blonde for the first time in about 15 years. I think I like it. I'm still getting used to it and I'm not sure if I will stay this exact colour or continue to experiment with other brunette hues but it has given me more colour and feels fresh. It also photographs differently depending on the light :)

The last pic is a little smudgey due to fingerprints on the lens! But it is our latest attempt at a family pic :)


  1. you hair looks amazing Simone! i think it really suits you x

    might hunt out those sandals too ...

  2. love the cutlery also. They have a heritage look about them. Love your hair and the family pics.
    Enjoy your weekend. x

  3. Hair looks fab!!.. LOVE Demeter and those Peep Toes are to die for!! x

  4. LOVE your hair!! So suits you!! Your boys are so sweet, love the family pic x

  5. You look great as a brunette! Loving those Peep Toes! Would be great for New Years! Bring on the bling I say...

    Sophie xo

  6. It is great having a new look!

    I am giving away a month planner, meal planner and shopping list pad and pencil for the fridge if you want to check it out

  7. Look at that beautiful family and those gorgeous boys!! YOu are blessed Simone, and you look amazing. x

  8. OOOh I love the hair and I really like your blog :)
    Ellen xx

  9. Ohhh that is a beautiful family pic Simone :) An all round lovely post, so many nice things to love in that lot. You have gorgeous taste xo

  10. Always love seeing your family pics..they are always so happy and real ; ) P.S Target have very similar style sandals to the ones from Urge..just a lighter tan colour and not real leather of course...almost bought them yesterday...only $20 ; )


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