Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Noah's week....

Noah loves a hot lunch. This one was chicken, cous cous, zucchini and carrot. Yummo! I've just been blending up our dinners for him. So much less work than cooking separate meals :)

Noah is getting more and more inquisitive and wants to move about more. Here, my flowers caught his eye :)

Fifi the rabbit got a new rabbit hutch. Noah was fascinated by her and loved stroking her ears.

Noah is loving spending more time outside as the weather gets nicer. We had the backyard returfed with an artificial lawn (will do a post on it) and it now a lovely soft space, bindie free!

Noah hanging out with his big brothers. He just adores them!!

Noah and I both had a big milestone this week when I took him to the gym creche for the first time!
It was a huge thing for me as I have hardly been separated from Noah and the only person I have left him with before now has been Simon of course, and my mum.

He was asleep in his pram the whole time and I felt like had found a little extra time for me :)

So that was a snippet of Noah's week. I have so much more to catch you up on with the house etc and will hopefully find the time to do it soon.
all images my own


  1. Thanks Vicki :) Me and my little shadow through the week xx

  2. Noah is so adorable!! Love his sweet little face - he looks like a real placid, happy little soul x

  3. Oh Simone, I LOVE these pics of your beautiful bubba's week. Noah is so SO cute :) That last shot of your 3 boys is heart-warming, what great little mates they're going to be. I'm intrigued about the artificial lawn, looks delightfully green. And well done on the gym thing... I would really love to get back into the gym, but like yourself, have very rarely left the boys... and even when I have, it's only with my Mum and Scott. I am feeling like I need a bit more space now too, us Mama's just don't get much 'me' time, at all.


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