Monday, November 12, 2012

I love a Beach Holiday.

So it's back to reality this week after last week was spent in Byron Bay.

We love going there and try to get back at least twice a year. This year was extra special as it was Noah's first trip, including his first plane ride. 

We had such a relaxing week and the weather was beautiful!

Here are some pics of our trip :)

I love, love, love the place we stay. It is right on the beach and surrounded by trees and no other houses near by. Truly a tranquil piece of heaven. 

It's funny how we have our "Byron" routine but there are always things that we like to do and never get old. 

We always check out the markets if they are on. It's always the same stuff and we never really buy anything but it is always good for a wander. We love to sit and listen to the buskers and we always ALWAYS have to have a chocolate filled Organic Donut.
Utter bliss!! A trip to the Lighthouse is a must, we always go to the same place for sandwiches and smoothies. We climb the stairs to the lookout at The Pass and I take a pic of Jasper in the same spot each year. I like to have a browse through the shops and I always seem to come home with a bag of books from the local bookstore. Sometimes we might venture further to Crystal Castle or to visit family on the Gold Coast but most of the days are spent on the beach. 

Simon and Finn can't get enough of surfing and Jasper has just started to show the same interest. This year we had our little shelter on the beach with lots of towels, toys and Noah's swing chair to keep him comfy. It won't be long until he is toddling on the sand and wanting to join his brothers in the water. I am the official photographer and I love to see the difference in the boys in each years photos. I love having this constant family trip in our lives. We are back there in another 4 weeks to finish off the year and we are already counting the days.


  1. Looks and sounds amazing! I'm thinking of doing a trip with my girl too... Honeslty I'd move into that house and refuse to leave :)

    Sophie xo

  2. We love Byron too - it's the place my husbie and I escape to whenever we need a moment. I am looking forward to introducing the children to Byron, but not yet... x

  3. That looks incredible! I'm dying to get up to Byron. I have a feeling I'd absolutely adore it. xx

  4. Wow, that house looks super! I love Byron too, something special about that place.

    Great photos, love every single one, especially the top one.


  5. that house looks wonderful!! great photos x

  6. That looks so relaxing. Your boys are just beautiful. I love Jaspers huge grin!

  7. Oh yah it looks like you got some great weather!! We have our fave spots too, I love the garage for healthy food and fruit. Great shots by the way!! X

  8. Oh my most fave place in the world. That house looks just divine. I just adored pouring over these pics hun xx

  9. Your holiday looks amazing, we are planning to go there next year!!!


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