Monday, October 1, 2012

This week I .......

So this week......
* I heard about Banana, Peanut Butter and Nutella muffins. How's that for a delicious combination! You can find a recipe here
*I got back into my fitness. You can't beat a beach view to keep you motivated :)

I drove 7 hours with the family for a family get together in Griffith. I couldn't help taking snaps of the Canola fields, they were absolutely gorgeous!

I loved the glimpse inside Jamie & Jules Olivers children's playroom on Instagram. Isn't it beautiful?

I found some delicious inspiration for the food for Noah's christening. I love the idea of some platters set out for people to help themselves.

I thought these vintage look wall plates were delightful from Everything Begins.

How was your long weekend? I hope it was wonderful x

images via 1. my own, 2. my own, 3. Jamie Oliver - Instagram,
 4. Lovely Wedding mag, 5. Everything Begins


  1. Oh that play room!!!! I love it!! They have gorgeous vintage prams in there too! Makes me want to go and re-do Sunny's bedroom... And the hanging bottles as vases... How effective is that!

    I'm in love with all of your pictures Simone :)

    Sophie xo

    P.S. I'm also ona health kick but had a momentary lapse in concentration for a brief moment as I indulged in Crunchy Caramel McFlurry... Heaven! Just like a Streets Gay Time!

  2. Oh Simone, what a beautiful collection of images. The canola fields are spectacular. Well done on the exercise & beach inspiration is the best! Only thing that seems to work to keep me motivated too. That playroom is a wonderland, I'd love something like that for my boys...and me! ;) Sounds like a great long weekend xo

  3. The muffins sound divine!! Must give them a go :) x

  4. Again, you have amazing pictures and finds. I love the idea of self serve food platters and the cute little letter plates and Jamie O's children's play room would be heaven for any child. the muffins look like a great recipe and I definitely look forward to trying these. it will be my first try of Nutella. :) x

  5. Excellent to hear you're into an exercise routine! I have now found my groove again between the gym and yoga and feel better for it after just a couple of weeks. It should all make the beach much more enjoyable, as you say.

    Have a lovely week,
    Sal x

  6. A great week.
    Perfect weather (and view) to kickstart some fitness.
    I'm itching to do some decent exercise here!
    :-) x


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