Thursday, October 4, 2012

Noah - 6mths

Our baby is 6mths old and we have all settled into our new routines. Noah is so much fun at the moment. He is interacting more with us and finding the boys hilarious.
They feel so proud that they can make him laugh.

When you are holding Noah you have to give him your full attention, otherwise he will babble and grunt until you talk to him. If you are holding your phone he will try to grab it and when I have him on my lap and my laptop is near he tap, tap, taps away.

The playmat is still a great spot to be for Noah. He loves to pull at the toys dangling above or roll to the side to another toy he has spotted. He is rolling but not moving anywhere. He is still easy to contain! His favourite toys are Sophie the giraffe, a set of plastic keys and a crinkly fabric book.

When Noah is propped up on a pillow he tries to sit up. 
He loves to wave and kick his legs madly.
He loves to babble and has the sweetest voice.

I had a lovely heart melting moment this month when Simon was holding Noah and he began to cry (Noah, I mean) and when I went to him and said "Come to Mama ", Noah reached out his arms towards me to pick him up. Melt! I love and appreciate each one of these milestones.

Tooth wise, there is a little bit of whiteness showing at the front but no actual tooth. Although Noah is loving chewing on his fingers and seeing how far he can put them down his throat before gagging! Always a fun game :)

His menu is expanding and consists of apple, pear, mango, avocado, apricot, potato, carrot, sweet potato, pumpkin, green beans, chicken, beef and yoghurt. I am also offering him water from a sippy cup or sometimes from a water bottle.

Noah is not a fan of zucchini and bananas (although this is still new and I will keep offering) and has gone off his rice cereal. I think I will try a different type of baby oats/cereal and see if he likes those.

I am offering my homemade purees along with the Rafferty's pouches when out and about.The icetrays are getting quite a work out! I am still breastfeeding and this is still working for us both, although I have noticed that the feeds are getting shorter. I guess we have both got it down pat by now!

We had our first road trip as a family of 5 and drove the 7 hours to visit family in Griffith. Noah was a dream and slept for 3 hours, we stopped for an hour and fed him then popped him back in his seat where he played and babbled for about 40 mins before falling back to sleep for the rest of the trip.  

This was repeated on the way back except the last hour was a little different as Noah wanted out and Finn had to keep him occupied with his toys and reading him books and showing him music video clips on his ipod! Thank goodness for big brothers!!

Noah is outgrowing most of his winter clothes and I am resisting buying more as the weather gets warmer so pants are getting short, and jumpsuits are getting tight! I can't wait to dress him in lighter clothes. He wore his first pair of shorts the other day and seeing his white, chubby legs out was just too cute!

As the weather warms up Noah likes to watch me hang the clothes on the line while sitting in his little swing seat. We also like to walk and check the mailbox after lunch some days. The boys like him to hang out in the backyard and watch them on the skate ramp and Jasper can't wait until he can share his cubby with Noah. Next Monday Noah will have his first swimming lesson. Both of his brothers loved the water and hopefully he does too.

Noah loves to be close to Finn and Jasper's faces to touch and stroke them. I have to keep his nails short as he also likes to pull at their eyes! They have also had their ears pulled and were surprised at Noah's strength. I am also loving the feel of Noah holding onto my arm/shoulder when I pick him up from the cot and carry him out to be fed. While I feed him, he likes to hold my hand and play with my fingers. Bliss!

Noah is also liking being held by friends and family more this month which is nice for me to have a break. But this is only for short bursts before he is looking for mama again.
I am loving each new moment and looking forward to what next month will bring :)


  1. This will be a lovely post for you to look back on one day. It's amazing how quickly we forget all the precious little details!

  2. He is just lovely Simone, you must swell with pride at your three x

  3. Sounds like everything is going along swimmingly and Noah is growing fast and becoming quite the character. This will be such a nice post to look back on Simone :)

  4. What a great idea to keep track of Noah's development. I love reading about how he is changing and I will definitely have to borrow your idea when bub arrives and make sure I record his development too. xx

  5. What a lovely read Simone. Happy 6 months to your little precious boy. Life's special moments, gosh you just want to bottle them forever!

  6. What a beautiful little man.
    6 months - time is seriously zooming by!!
    :-) x

  7. Awwww, this is a gorgeous post Simone and a gorgeous little boy too! What a good bub doing so well on the long road trip, he sounds like a dream. And so lovely that he's at that interactive stage... and of course a Mama's boy too... I have two of those and I don't mind being needed one bit :)
    Enjoy enjoy enjoy! xo


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