Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hair Do?

I'm feeling like a bit of a change and after 15 years of tinting and foiling my hair blonde I am tempted to go to the dark side!

Not too dark mind you, as my skin is quite fair. But here are a few pics that I like.

I think I am just sick of the maintenance of blonde hair and the fact that it looks great for a couple of weeks until the regrowth starts.

Here is a little collage of my hair history.
I really need to scan in so many of my old photos. 
Just one of those projects I will get to one day :)

Ummm that is a wig on me dressed up as Pocahontas for Finn's 3rd bday. It was so funny to look back and see that I had my hair short for so many years. I think I was the one bride that didn't grow my hair for my wedding!!

So any long time blondes out there that have went brown?
Do you stick to one hair style colour? Or are you one of those brave souls changing colours every month or so?

I'd love to know!


  1. Hi Simone, I love all the old photos of you! I did go a bit darker once but I looked really washed out. The pics you have chosen look nice with the highlights though and would really suit you too! X

  2. Oh Simone, I LOVE your photo collage, you gorgeous thing! How funny, I had my hair cut the other day (it had been over 6 months since I'd been to the hairdresser, terrible I know!) and I was only saying that I think I'd like to go blonde one day. I have NEVER dyed my hair and am feeling a bit boring because of it. Now, with the greys coming in, I'm really thinking about starting to dye it and I'd love to see what blonde would look like. But yes, the idea of all that maintenance is such a turn off. I think you'd look lovely if you came over to the dark side, it's not that bad over here ;)
    And your Pocahontas look is very cute too by the way! xo

  3. a lovely collage of all your different looks! i've had foils for years, a lighter and darker blonde. i like it cause the regrowth isn't that obvious. & now with greys coming through i can go for months before it needs redoing. i love the first hair colour idea you have there.

  4. I'm a hairdresser and ive always been a die hard blonde, but lately I've gone with beige low lights in between my blonde foils. So much kinder on my sleep deprived face!! I think that the colours you're looking at would look gorgeous on you, you'll find it will really warm your complexion up.

  5. Im a colour and cut hair changer. I say change is as good as a holiday, and its only hair. Why not? If you don't like it colour it back :) Looking forward to what you decide xxx

  6. Those inspiration colours look fab.. I am in the middle of going red from my natural jet black at the mo x

  7. I like the Jen Hawkins colour! I can't really give advice as I've never dyed my hair - I just rely on the sun for some highlights!
    Sal x

  8. Oh I so hear you on this post as I'm going through a similar phase myself and had been thinking of sharing my ideas on my blog to get some feedback. LOVE your inspiration pics and your collage. My hair is naturally a light brown but since my adult years, I've had foils added in, gradually becoming lighter and lighter. However lately, I'd been feeling a bit too '├Żellow' and as though the blonde was making me look washed out. I had been flicking through some old photos recently and came across one from 10 years ago where I had darker hair, a rounder face and seemed to have more colour in my face. I showed it to the hairdresser at my last visit (I'm usually super boring and get the same colour foils every time) and told her I want to go darker and shorter. So last visit, I mixed things up with a more caramel shade of blonde and brown foils. I'm due to go back in a few weeks but I've noticed that my regrowth is SO much less noticeable which is wonderful. I'm keen to go a bit darker again at my next appointment and I'm loving having shorter less straggly hair :) I think your inspiration pics are gorgeous - still blonde but with those darker streaks which as you say will be good re-growth-wise and I think will really warm up your face. Can't wait to see what you decide :)

  9. Most guys like blonde hair girls. Do what makes you happy though.



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