Friday, October 12, 2012

Flamingo Season

I can't help but notice all the Flamingo homewares around this season. So fresh and perfect for Spring.

Lampshades, cushion, plate and ornament from Everything Begins

Cushion by Freedom.

Unfortunately it has come at the wrong time for me as I have to admit my love for pink is starting to wane. (it was bound to happen!) After having lots of pink cushions around for the last few months, this week I brought out my old green cushions. I just needed a change :)

Although I am sure I could find room for a little Flamingo somewhere.

How about you? Are you a fan of the Flamingo?

Have a wonderful weekend 


  1. What gorgeous items. Flamingoes are so stunning!

  2. I quite like the flamengo its a bit of a querky take on the little birds weve been seeing on everything and anything! But having said that not sure if I could bring a little flamengo home with me or not ... maybe a coushin ... but i like my green and yellow theme for spring so far :)

  3. I adore them! That flamingo print is fabulous! x

  4. I have always loved flamingos but I think that's because I love pink so much... Our house doesn't really show that though as I think my husband wouldn't appreciate it too much. I stick to a neutral base including furniture and we have lots of blue and red as colour pops. I'm thinking about getting some white and light blue cushions happening for a change though as I find red a bit wrong for this time of year.

  5. First time ever I have seen so many homeware with flamingo print! All are awesome. xoxo
    ~ Mehul
    limestone fireplace

  6. You know it's funny you should mention it Simone, I just saw some clothing yesterday, with flamingoes on it! A gorgeous little floaty white top, with pretty pink flamingoes caught my eye. I thought it was just a random look, but obviously not. Seems flamingoes must be all the rage for Summer. I think they're pretty cute actually and these homewares are quite lovely xo

  7. I love that plate. I am slowly but surely developing a plate addiction. I was just over at Everything Begins thankf for introducing me that store amazing stuff.

  8. A huge Flamingo fan, I love the real size flamingo figurines that i have seen in gift shops that stick into the grass in your garden. So cute. But i don't have any pink in my unit either that would tie them in.


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