Monday, September 17, 2012

Spring Fashion

As the weather gets warmer my thoughts always turn to new clothes!!

Since last Spring/Summer I was pregnant and living in my "uniform" of a couple of stretchy skirts and tops I'm on the look out for some new additions to the wardrobe.

I am doing most of my shopping online at the moment as I don't have much time to stroll around the shops. It's a little bit dangerous as it doesn't really feel like "real" money ;)

I came across the label Binny and loved how they had a mix of my favourite Maxi-dresses but also a few dressy items as well.

I love, love, love a dress with sequins!

I know black is not usually a Spring/Summer colour but there is something about a black Maxi-dress that always looks "just right". Especially with a tan (faux of course) and you can accessorise it to change it up. 

So again this year I will be in a long dress, I just feel so comfortable in them. What's your favourite Summer outfit?

Oh and is there anything worse than exposing your skin after Winter?! My pale,pale skin needs a bit of colour!!
 Since I'm so fair I find fake tans look a bit too over the top so I was happy to find this gradual moisturiser that gives me a natural look. Nothing overly tanned but just enough to take the glow off :)

I found this Eco Tan at Priceline and I'm really happy with it.

 Which product do you use to give you that sunkissed look or do you just embrace your natural colour?

clothing images via Binny


  1. I love those dresses so beautiful.

  2. Gorgeous pretties.
    I've just started using EcoTan too.
    :-) x

  3. Ooo will have to check out Eco Tan, I'm always on the lookout for tips on safe DIY tanning. I love short floral dresses for Summer, I have a few of them ;) And I also love long black dresses, so perfect for accessorizing with. It is exciting that you get to enjoy this Summer as I know being pregnant isn't much fun in the hotter months xo

  4. Gorgeous dresses! I love a black maxi too! Team it up with gold sandals and freshly pedicured toes! I've recently tried the Natio brand DIY tanning lotion. Think you can get it from Chemists, even Myer... I was impressed. Still need to learn how to apply without looking like a streaked up zebra! Lol... I'm a huge fan of getting it done at Ella Bache. I love the lotion one (not spray tan). Comes out so smooth and lovely!

    Bring on the lovely rays of SUMMER!

  5. Gorgeous! And, speaking of...LOVE your new look. So sweet, so fresh, so pretty - so YOU!

  6. This is a good tip - I will check out Binny as I am desperate for new summer clothes this year. I just want to wear dresses this summer - any length! I have been on the hunt scrolling through the online sales on US based websites but haven't had great amounts of luck!

    Thank you for your sweet message, Simone. I appreciate you dropping by with your story xxx

  7. Oh Sim, I love ALL of those dresses. And like you, LOVE a sparkly dress. Nothing quite like a little bling to cheer up the cloudiest of days!
    Thanks for sharing Binny... I'm off for a browse now. xx

  8. Those dresses look so nice - thanks for sharing the link. Must try that tanning lotion - I like that it's gradual and also natural. I've used Palmer's before, another gradual moisturising one, but Im not keen on the smell of it. Was going to try a Clarins one or POD one but might give this a go first. Does it have a scent and does it come off on your clothes or sheets at all - while I do easily tan, I'm not big on sun exposure thesedays and am looking pretty white at the moment :)


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