Thursday, September 20, 2012

Snippets from today.

Noah and I had a day at home together today.
He was a little off his routine today and had an extra long sleep, which gave me some time to potter about and pop some fresh sheets and blankets on the beds.

Sometimes it's the simple things that make you happy :)

The floors stayed clean and shiny for more than an hour. Jasper has a habit of dropping rice crackers all over them just after I have finished vacuuming. It drives me crazy!!
I spent some time colour coding my books. Mmmm, satisfying!

I bought a couple of blankets from Mozi that were on sale. They arrived today so I just had to put them on. I experimented with mixing up patterns which I don't usually do but I think it works.
Luckily Simon doesn't mind sleeping amongst all the pink!

The floral throw and cushion were a bargain buy from Cotton On Kids last year when they were doing a few homewares. 
So happy I got them as they make me happy :)

I had a lovely surprise today when I had some flowers delivered from my mum.
Just because flowers are always the best x

This is the other blanket from Mozi (oh ok, I got one for Finn's room too!)

I didn't get to Finn's room though as Noah woke up and that was the end of my pottering for the day.

It's lovely to have these days of quiet, especially as the school holidays start tomorrow afternoon and then the next couple of weeks will be quite busy.

How was your day?

PS - Still waiting for our kitchen to be finished before I do the "big reveal" of the house. It is taking FOREVER!

all images my own, taken on my iphone


  1. Those blankets are awesome!!! Love the patterns and especially love the one you've teamed with the florals on your bed (have always loved those Cotton On cushions and throws of yours). I love little moments of pottering too when there is quiet in the house :) Your home is so beautifully decorated Simone, can't wait to see the kitchen reveal!! x

  2. Lovely post Simone, full off Colour & pretty, no wonder you had a good day. The beds look gorgeous & so do your floors for that matter. What a sweet Mama to send you some blooms. Glad you were able to enjoy a day of quiet, as I'm sure with all 3 boys home next week, it will be quite boisterous xo

  3. Those dark floors are looking amazing. And your pops of colour are so refreshing. I love your home Simone.

  4. What beautiful photos of a gorgeous home.
    I love your color coded books!!

    Good luck with the kitchen.
    Renovating is a test in patience for sure.
    :-) xx

  5. Simone, your house is looking so lovely. Adore the bedding and that world map thing on Jasper's wall - what is it? A painting? Picture? It's fab! xx

  6. Love the blankets and the colours throughout your home...


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