Friday, September 21, 2012

Random Questions + Answers.

1. Zodiac Sign 
- Gemini

2. Last song I listened to 
- Skinny Love - Birdy

3. Tattoos / Piercings? 
- 1 tattoo - got it over 12 yrs ago. It's Simon's name. 
I thought if we every broke up I would just add an "e" ;)

4. Something I really, really want 
- to lose 10kgs in my sleep!

5. Favourite holiday 
- I love our family trips to Byron Bay twice yearly.

6. What I find attractive in other people 
- Kindess, Intelligence and a bright mani or pedi makes me smile. I don't know why? 
Maybe because painting my own nails makes me happy!

7. Favourite type of cake
- Baked cheesecake

8. Something I did today 
- Caught an old episode of "The Bachelor" on Foxtel, watched it all and cried at the end!

9. Dream Holiday Destination
- The Amalfi Coast, I will get there one day :)

10. 3 Things I bought this week 
- my blankets from Mozi, the set of Penguin Cookbooks (Big W had them for $12 each) & an ice coffee.

Just a few little tidbits :) Feel free to share some of your answers with me.
Have a gorgeous weekend!


  1. Love this post Simone, gorgeous little live image too! Funny about the tattoo, us girl's gotta have a backup plan ;) I really like that Skinny Love Song, has grown on me the more I hear it. Have a lovely weekend xo

  2. I watched The Bachelor too! I was hooked, even though I knew who he was going to end up with! After 3 kids I need to lose a few kilos too but I just love cake too much! Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Love the answers, pedis make me smile too even if they are not perfect like mine are often not!!. I have few tattoos and one says Marcus in Chinese.. figured I would just says its says peace, love and prosperity if it all went south :)

  4. happy to have found your blog...
    Have a great weekend
    Bec x

  5. Oh - there's something about 'The Bachelor' - sucks me in every time!!
    I've been to - and adored - the Amalfi coast but never Byron Bay.
    Would love to venture there.
    Happy weekend to you.
    :-) xx

  6. Have I said how much I love your new format? It suits you down to a tee! I never really clicked with the Simone, Simon uncanny!The amalfi coast is brillant and something that I remember the most about our Europe trip, amazeballs!x


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