Thursday, September 27, 2012

Life's a beach.

It's funny, I never used to be a "beachy" person.
Maybe that came from living hours away from the beach but when I met Simon and moved to the Northern Beaches I came to love it. 
Sometimes I can't believe I am so lucky to live here, in such a beautiful spot. When I first moved to Queenscliff at 19, something in me felt like I was coming home.

I felt settled.

I have now lived here for 16 years. For longer then anywhere else.
I never want to take it for granted.

I love that my boys will grow up with this beachy lifestyle and  a love of the ocean.

I love that I still want to take photos of it, each time I walk by.

I love that I get a glimpse of the ocean from our backyard. (in the distance, mind you)

There is something about looking at the ocean that makes all of life's problems seem small in the grand scheme of things.
I like that.

all images my own


  1. I was born in Manly and then we left sydney when I was 7. I cam back when I was 18 and I dont think I could ever leave again. It is just the most beautiful area I know

  2. You live in such a beautiful spot! As much as I lack confidence with water I just love being near it. I grew up with a view of water and just now we have a tiny view, but it is nice to be able to see it.
    Lovely shots Simone. I love all that sun and water sparkles :)

  3. You do live in a beautiful part of the world. I'm a beachy person and want my kids to grow up with lots of sunkissed-beach memories. We now live closer to Brisbane {where as we did live closer to the Gold Coast in our last house} but we still take a trip down to the coast fact, I'm taking the kids down today once Ryder wakes from his morning nap.
    We have been very tempted to make a sea change a few times. Chris & I lived on the Sunshine Coast for 6 months when we first met and we said we'd always move back up there and raise our kids there. Hmmmm.... :)
    Love your photos Simone.

  4. P.S. Loving the new blog look too. :)))

  5. Great photos Simone! Just the medicine I need today as I am sick with a lung infection. Your pictures take me home. Whilst I didn't grow up on the Northern Beaches either, my family used to go to Manly Beach almost every weekend and we would spend New Years there. I miss it so very much. The smell of the pines, the ocean and the great walks you can do there. It's the first place I took my husband to when we met and spent a week there and we went to a little Thai place called Somi's which had a gorgeous little romantic spot to dine. No water views but we didn't really care. Whilst I live 5 min from water here in Melb, when we do get back to Syd, this will be the first spot we take our little girl to.
    Anyways sorry for sharing half my life with you but thank you for bringing a smile to my face today and I know exactly what you mean by your last sentence about there being something about the ocean that makes all of life's problems seem small. The ocean fascinates me and calms me and whenever I am near the water I feel like I belong.

    Take care x

  6. love love love love.......i'll always be a beach girl, i went for a stroll this morning along the beach/pier the wind in my hair, listening to the waves
    see i could ramble all day about the beach hehehe, you truly live in a beautiful place, enjoy each moment smooch simone lisa

  7. I love the beach, although I grew up in the Blue mountains,its kind of mesmerising watching the waves break. Love your view!!!

  8. Love :)
    I love seeing your photos on instagram - often places I have been at earlier in the day, the day before, or going to later in the week.
    We do live in a wonderful part of the world.
    The ocean renews me like nothing else.

  9. Yes, there is always something about the fresh sea air that brings calm. Your view is gorgeous.

  10. Beautiful pictures Simone! They almost take me away on a sun kissed holiday :) I dream of living near the water! I love your backyard setting and you live so close you can smell the ocean! I have to say it's a totally different lifestyle out near the beach... One day :)

    Sophie xo

  11. I couldn't imagine living too far from the coast anymore.
    We're definitely beachside people too.
    We'd love to move even closer to the waves if finances ever allow it.
    :-) x

  12. Oh I TOTALLY get this Simone. Like yourself, I didn't live near the beach growing up and it was Scott that brought me to the coast. I always loved the beach, but never believed I'd live near it... now I can't imagine living anywhere else. I also think it's a tremendous environment to bring children up in and especially boys with all their endless energy! I LOVE your photos, the ocean glimpse from your backyard there, reminds me of the view we used to have from our apartment in Coogee... ahhh, I still miss that view and apartment... just not the 56 stairs we used to have to hike up to get to our floor ;) Lovely post Simone xo

  13. Wow a wave of homesickness just washed over me seeing your beautiful pics! I grew up on the northern beaches but now find myself living in the Lake Tahoe area in the mountains of northern california. I miss "home" every day and apart from the obvious missing of family, friends etc. I really miss my homeland and specifically the ocean and the beaches that I grew up on. It is beautiful here and fortunately there are gorgeous lakes to satisfy my need for water but it just isn't the same and even when I go to the coast of California I am ultimately disappointed as it just doesn't come close to our spectacular coastline.
    We have come back once a year since I've had my now almost 5 year old and he loves the beach and wants to learn to surf when he gets older, he is most definitely in touch with his aussie roots. I have convinced (nagged) my yank to move back there in the next 5 years so I hope that we can make it a reality and we can swap the skis/snowboards for surfboards.
    p.s. the swimming is awesome in that little corner of south steyne, I love it!


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