Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day!
All my love to my dad on Fathers Day and always. Also to my father in law Paul. Hope you both have a wonderful day xx

We are having a quiet start to the day as Simon has just gotten back from a week away (Bali again, don't ask!!) so the boys are just happy to have him back and spend some time with him.

We are taking him out to lunch at The Grounds of Alexandria.
We have gotten him a couple of small pressies as his week away excused me from having to get him much! ;)

How are you spending Father's Day?

What did you get your dad for Fathers Day? 
Why are dads so hard to buy for!!

Simone xx


  1. Oh Simone, what a lovely wife you are! I think a week away in Bali more than covers the Father's Day appreciation. Lovely pics. Hope you all had a great was superb! xo

    1. Thanks Julie, feeling a little resentful this week though! Tiredness will do that to you! xx

  2. That cafe looks amazing Simone! Hope you all had a lovely day. x

    1. Thanks Anna, did you celebrate over there too? xx

  3. Happy Father's Day in your world, look at those lovely men in your life, i bet your boys will be ace Dads too!!
    We took it easy, best behaviour from children is doing something they love, so we went to Questacon, gorgeous & fun, then a picnic & my husband had a massage booked already (remedial, he's a bit broken from his last Afghanistan trip) so just a lovely family day.
    Just realised my blog is the same template as yours, looking good only i've lost some of my font features?? So i have to fix it, again, with the world's slowest internet, argh, love Posie

  4. Thanks Jennie, hope you all had a nice day too. Yes I'm sure your husband needed that massage! I'm hopeless with the templates, too scared to muck around too much with it, hope you can fix yours xx


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