Thursday, September 6, 2012

Getting older?!

You know you are getting older when you see an ad for Floriade and it makes you want to plan a little trip there!

 I'm thinking of wandering through the beautiful flowers, sunshine,it all just sounds lovely. Is this what its like?

I've also seen that they have markets and other activities running too. So is it worth the trip?

Who has been to Floriade?

Simone xx


  1. I went a couple of times when I lived in Canberra. I enjoyed the displays, but not the amount of people that Floriade attracts! It can get very busy. In saying that, it is definitely worth seeing once every couple of years. I'll probably go this year, as we're planning a trip down to see S's family and it falls in the middle of the time Floriade is on.

  2. Nope not me, I do find it funny though how I have just posted on the same type of heading but different aspect of course!x

  3. Not getting old at all Simone, I have wanted to go to Floriade for years now. My Mum & I were all set to go about 6 years ago & had to cancel due to a double booking that weekend...and it was Mum who was double booked too! Then since having the boys, it's been on the back burner. I hope you get to go so you can tell us all about it. I think it would be spectacular! xo

  4. No, you are just appreciating the small things in life :) a beautiful flower can take your breathe away. I use to work as a florist, and seeing fresh flowers everyday just put a smile on your face. I haven't been to Floriade but i have been to the Melbourne flower show, and it was the best day. There is so much to see and a lovely day out.
    Sophia x

  5. I live in Canberra and go to Floriade every couple of years or so. I'm sure if you have never been you will enjoy it but it does become a bit of the same old, same old for us locals! There are lots of people on weekends (especially if the weather is nice) so if you can maybe try and go during the week? There are markets there too but I have found them to bit a bit commercialised and quite expensive. They have started doing a night market but I have not been to that as you have to pre-order tickets (were a bit expensive too) and they only hold it for a few nights. If the weather is crap, which lets face it in Canberra it can be, you will still have to go as the ticket is only valid for the night you select.

    Hope I haven't put you off as it is beautiful :)


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