Friday, August 31, 2012

Up for a Challenge.... or 3!

So it is the first of the month today and everyone seems to be launching a new Photo Challenge!
I love to try and play along so I will be giving all 3 a go this month.
I know I probably won't be able to maintain all 3 until the end but it will be nice to pick and choose from different lists for inspiration.

 The Shoppegirls are doing a 30 days of Spring Fashion, this will be fun!

Jen is doing another Interiors Challenge. 
I found this one a little hard to maintain last time as there is only so many things in my house I can photograph unless I was out and about and had my eyes peeled for things off the list. 
But I will see how I go :)

Chantelle is doing September Photo a Day again. How big has this challenge gotten?! It's gone global!
I love this challenge and find it a great part of my day.
I love the challenge of thinking of a slightly different interpretation :)

Of course I will be sharing all my photos on Instagram :)
Are you up for the challenge?

Here are some of my photos from last month.

Did I tell you I got a book made up out of all my Instagram photos?
I was so happy with it and it is lovely to have it sitting out and be able to flick through it.
Some of the photos were too special to just sit on my phone.I had a couple made for pressies too.I had them done through Keepsy,you can find out more info here :)

I always knew I was snap happy and all these photos and challenges have confirmed it!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Simone xx


  1. I don't think I am organised enough to take part, but I really do enjoy seeing everyone's photos. The Keepsy book is a fantastic idea. I really must do something like that as I have some pics I really love too.
    Have a great weekend Simone x

  2. In love the photo challenges but I do get behind sometimes and it annoys me not to do it right.. I have Jens on my desktop to try and do this month too x

  3. You are so on the ball missy! Photo challenges are popping up everywhere are they not?? You have a great bunch on pics. Love watching the renno's take shape.x

  4. I am following the fashion and interior photo challenges as well. I look forward to them everyday thinking about what i will take the photos of. Great fun.
    I love the photo book idea too, will have to look into that, thanks.

  5. I love this idea. The book is brilliant - what a great keepsake. x


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