Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nuffnang Blogopolis 2012

I went to Blogopolis on Saturday and wow, what a day. I left at the end of the day feeling a mix of emotions. I was excited and motivated but also drained and tired. I had the conflicting emotions of having been inspired with so many fabulous ideas but also the overwhelming feeling of "where to start?" 

I went with my blogging friend Belinda aka @MrsKypo from Billy and August. It was lovely to walk in with someone who was as excited as I was to be there :)  Once we registered for the day we stood around at the front of the Conference Rooms waiting for the day to start. I thought I saw a few familiar faces but when I pointed them out to Belinda, she laughed and said they looked really different to their profile pics. Turned out I was getting confused and had forgotten my glasses! They were totally different people! It was too funny and I decided to wait for people to say hello to me first to save myself any embarrassment ;)

After the welcome speech our first class we went to was Blog Design held by Katrina from the Block. She shared so much and it was all so helpful and relevant and easy to do. I have already implemented a couple of things such as the search bar at the top of the blog and I have added a RSS feed. Hopefully what I have done works! But I want to give my blog a little refresh so I am just doing up a mood-board of the feel and image I want to project and then I'll go from there. I will need help with this so I might have to employ Katrina and her company The Media Maid for those extras :)

Our next session was Branding your Blog - by Nicole Avery aka The Planning Queen. Nicole gave me something to think about as to whether I want to introduce sponsors/advertising to my blog. I am still undecided on this as I blog for me and to share snippets of my life and all the lovely things I come across. 
I like to think I have built a bit of a brand for Honey and Fizz and that is that this space is a very light, pretty and happy place. I try to keep things upbeat and that is how I like it. It is my escape. It is sharing the BEST bits of life. It is a lifestyle, fashion and inspirational blog. I like to think I celebrate the beauty in life. So that's me so far and the image I am trying to bring to you. Is this how you feel when you come to Honey and Fizz?

We then had a session with Rachel Devine from Sesame Ellis on blog photography. Rachel's photos are gorgeous and she gave us great tips on Light, Colour, Framing, Composition, Images that tell a story. Also tips on cameras and post processing. A lot to think about as well. As I love to use gorgeous photos here on Honey and Fizz and I usually source them from Pinterest, other blogs and tumblr sites. Rachel has got me thinking about improving my own photography and using more of my own shots. I guess I am doing this via my Instagram account as I am not overly interested in doing a Photography course. I am quite happy just to do the best I can with my point and shoot camera :)

After that brain overload (in a good way!) we broke for lunch, which was a delicious buffet of salads, chicken, salmon and desserts. This really made it feel like a "day out".

The afternoon sessions were in panel form and had it was great to listen to the other bloggers experiences and tips. Eden is an amazing speaker. So real. I could have listened to her all day. Also Mrs Woog made a good point on the Blogging Community sticking together and supporting each other. I love this idea as blogging is full of the best and most lovely people who can lift you up. All of this love and most of us haven't even met in real life!

I did meet some lovely bloggers I have been following in real life, Corrie from Retromummy, Jennie from Posie Patchwork, Nikki from Styling You, Mrs Woog from Woogsworld,  Katrina from The Block. I was introduced by Belinda to Zoey from Good Googs and Danni from Hello Owl.  It was great to be face to face with the voice behind the blog. I also saw some familiar faces from a distance:)

I was getting distracted halfway through the day thinking of Noah at home (our longest separation!) So I apologise to anyone if I didn't seem "fully there" :) After a fab day I was ready to get back home to the boys though. I walked in to a beautiful clean house and dinner ready. Also to find Finn with a cut lip and chin and a need for stitches/glue! Seems he had a football injury that day and they didn't want to call and tell me and spoil my day. Love them xx

So that was my first blogging conference and I loved it. I will definitely be going to more in the future. How about you? Are blogging conferences your cup of tea? (pardon the pun, the event was sponsored by Twinings!)

Simone xx


  1. I was reading about the conference on Jennie's blog this morning. It sounds like a lot of fun, mostly because you got to meet all those other bloggers. I think I'd go to one, but really, I like my blog how it is. I'm not interested in making money from it, or anything like that, but I'm sure I could learn other interesting things.
    The drinks and snacks look yummy too.
    ps I think you have your "brand" sorted out just right :)

  2. Wow..it sounds like a wonderful experience. I would love to attend one just to catch up with all the gorgeous bloggers. Like Sarah, I have no interest in advertising....it is my little escape! Wishing you a wonderful week. Kym X

  3. I'm a newish and somewhat confused blogger. I only found out about Blogopolis a few days before it was on, and for a few minutes thought about booking a ticket, but I"m really just not sure what my blog quite is, or what I even want it to be. Actually.... I do. I want to make friends with other blogging mums - but don't know how to do this really... I start to think about possibilities, but then it starts to all get a bit OTT, and there is a reason I left the corporate world behind...

    I've only just stumbled across your blog, I look forward to being a regular reader.

  4. I'm a bit like Sarah above, I would have loved to have joined you all - meeting fellow bloggers in person would have been so much fun and learning some tips to spruce up my little blogging space. Advertising and branding aren't really thingsfor me though as my blog is simply my 'me time' and a hobby and I'm happy keeping it simple like that. Your day looked liked heaps of fun - what cute tea cups! You're like me - if I ever have time away from the girls, I find I'm eager to get back home :)

  5. Sounds very full on Simone. I'd probably be tuning out by the end of it, even without leaky breasts, haha! I find those intensive sessions very tiring. But it is always great to meet people and learn new things too.
    Your poor little man, football can be so rough, lucky you actually weren't there to see that injury I guess.

  6. I just laughed so hard thing about when you tried to inform me someone was someone that they were not. Ha ha
    Thank you for the beautiful company. I really enjoyed it. Xxxxx

  7. Simone how you described your blog is exactly how I feel when I read it, don't change too much, your blog is my absolute favourite :) x

  8. That was a great low down on the conference thanks so much for sharing that. I would like to go if there is one held in Perth. I know what you mean about the advertising side I also dont think I would take that route myself. I really enjoy your blog its easy to read and down to earth, I like see things about your home life as well as pretty designs that you show us :)

  9. Good post Simone, I am glad you enjoyed the conference. I am on a bit of a blogging break at the moment but will return to it soon. I have really noticed the change in blogging overthe past 12 months but still enjoy reading the regulars. ;-)

  10. Ive always wanted to go to one actually simone & didn't realise this was on till i saw your post about it last week - we were away for a bike race on the weekend so i couldn't make it. i guess I'm worried ill go to the & come away feeling overwhelmed! I'm interested in how to improve my blog, but then also i think well i did just start it for fun & people seem to like it for what it is so should i be worried about making it 'better'....hhmmmmm! So much to think about! You will have to let me know next time one of these things is on (how do you even know hen these things are running?!) & maybe we can catch up & take it all in together!

  11. Oh Wow, what a great trip Simone. I could just imagine all of the wonder and interesting people you would meet.

  12. Oh Simone.....sounds awesome! I so so so wanted to go...but being interstate for me, I would've had to be away from the kids {more so Ryder} for a couple of days, and I just didn't feel ready for that. I almost just booked a ticket & some flights and planned to bring him with me....but decided to wait til next year when he's older and I'm ok with traveling interstate without him :)
    Sounds like a very interesting & informative day :)
    P.S. I love your blog. I love the positive outlook, the prettiness and the inspiration. It's a warm, happy place to come.


  13. Yay, finally getting around to say LOVELY TO MEET YOU Simone, what a thrill, you are so so lovely, can't wait to see you again & catch up properly, blah, not enough time for chit chat & socialising. Kisses to you, love Posie


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