Sunday, July 1, 2012

June Photo a Day

Well I have completed June Photo a Day with Fatmumslim. 
I am still enjoying the challenge of the photos and I have decided to do July Photo a Day but also try out a new Interiors Photo a Day with Jen from Interiors Addict.

Here are some of my photos from June Photo a Day :

And here is my first photo for the Interiors a day - Coffee Table

As some of you would know Instagram was down for most of Saturday and isn't totally back to normal today. I had major withdrawals ;) It's definitely my most favourite form of Social Media.

I also went to Blogopolis on Saturday which was great. I learnt so much and came away with heaps to think about. I will do a post on it tomorrow, a bit of a wrap up and notes I took.

How has your weekend been?

Simone xx

all images my own. Taken on my iphone 


  1. Oh well done and 2 challenges in 1 month, good luck with that! It was kinda weird with instagram down...but refreshing at the same time..great pics.x

  2. Gorgeous pics Simone. Love all that colour and the pics of your growing little man. xoxo

  3. Beautiful images Simone. I love seeing the ones with little Noah's gorgeous face peeking out. And your coffee table shot is a masterpiece... good one to kick start your interior shots with xo

  4. great photos is the little bubba???????? cuteness smooch lisa xx

  5. Hi, I want to show you two design companies you may like it.

    One is called Boca do Lobo. Boca do Lobo, it´s a furniture design company.

    The other one it´s Delightfull and it´s a lighting design company.

  6. Beautiful photos Simone. I hope you are well. xx


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