Friday, July 6, 2012

I thought I'd love it but...... pt 2

So, I have made up another list of things that I thought I would love but hey, turns out I didn't! You know those things that people tell you to try, "you will love it" but sometimes you don't.
You can read my original list here :)

I have to start with the book Fifty Shades of Grey. Everyone was raving about it, although it didn't sound like something I would usually read I gave it a go and had to stop about halfway through. I couldn't get into it, I kept rolling my eyes to myself and smirking. Maybe I stopped too soon?!

Passionfruit -  I love the idea of the flavour, so summery and fresh but can't stomach it in shakes, cakes, spread over salads. I can handle a smidge on the top of a Pavlova but I think that is the sugar hiding the taste!

Fake nails - I love having painted finger nails but I do it myself. My nails aren't long but I hate when you see those oversize "talons". They look so fake and are not fooling anyone! Also sometimes I think about going to get a manicure in a nail bar but the thought of making chit chat whilst someone does my nails stops me :)

Hamish & Andy -The tv show. I love listening to these guys on the radio, they are so funny and can actually make me laugh out loud but on tv? Just doesn't translate.

Chai - Hate the taste, hate the smell. Love the idea.

Lavender icecream - For some reason Simon got a bee in his bonnet about lavender icecream. He wanted to make it himself and it was going to be divine. I thought the whole thing sounded a bit yuck. I kept getting visions of essential oil. Who wants to eat that? Anyway he bought an icecream maker and made the lavender icecream. He was the only one who ate it. Do you think Lavender should be an icecream flavour?

Nuts in salad - One of our local cafes does a delicious Warm Chicken Salad but they add cashews to it. I usually order it without the nuts but when I forget to I have to pick around the nuts to eat the rest of the salad. Do you like nuts in salad? 

Pineapple on Pizza - Ham and Pineapple / Hawaiian pizza is one of the boys and Simon's favourite pizza toppings. The thought of warm pineapple makes me shudder! Although I can't get enough of the fresh stuff.

India - I know it is somewhere I will never go. I can appreciate the thought of it, the colour, the senses, the culture but it's not for me.

Ice-skating - They have set up a little rink at our local mall and I'm surprised at how popular it is. So cold, so wet, sounds like fun but quite hard to do!

Over Groomed Men - I like men to look like men and I certainly wouldn't want my husband to be better groomed than myself. I like hairy chests and legs :) Trimming and a little grooming is fine but men with waxed eyebrows scare me ;)

Flanellette pyjamas - ahh so soft and snuggly but I can not sleep in a button up pyjama top. The pants are fine but the pj top feels so constricting! I like to mix my pj pants with a tee shirt instead.

Oh I could go on for hours, so tell me what did you think you would love but didn't.

Simone xx
photo via Lonny magazine


  1. I am the same with passion fruit, I really want to enjoy it but alas... Passion fruit, white chocolate cake sounds divine right???? No!
    I want to like Winter too, dressed in
    cute beanies and scarves, Knee high boots, hot chocolates to warm my frozen fingers but I don't, I'm just a lover of the summer sun.
    Purple! I just can't do it. My daughters fave color and yet it makes me feel squeamish. Yes, I still buy the things my daughter loves in purple, I am a good mummy.
    Coriander the herb! I really want to, it's in everything but my taste buds won't give an inch.
    Thank you for posting. xx

  2. Oh I'm with you on a few of those things. I have two ....My big one was "Eat, Pray Love" I read the book after being told it was a must, and everyone said the movie was great.....but it just didn't cut it for me??
    Second is the gym! I like the idea of them, but can't get my head around the show ponies and sweat sharing! No thanks!

  3. hahahahahahahaha enjoyed this post.......I'm the same with books needs to get my attention straight away.......few of your things i was thinking what like nuts in salad, love love love them (pear, pinenut + rocket salad) delish and I love vanilla chai latte, one thing I know I don't like even though so many people eat it cook cooked spinach, I like it raw in salads etc but not wilted yuck.......what a fun post smooch lisa xx

  4. Fake Nails are gross, just today I saw a mum with ones so long I was totally grossed out, Chai is gross,smells good taste is gross. Totally the same with pjs thats why I always just get the buttoms.

  5. I really enjoyed this post! The Fifty Shades books are really not very good. I am in the middle of them and I will finish them, but the author is just not that good! All that mention of inner goddess crap makes me want to gag!
    I'm with you on men and manscaping. Men should look like men! Maybe that's why I am with a tradie?
    I have to disagree with you on pizza - pineapple is the finishing touch! I just love it!Ate it last night on my veg pizza. Mmmm...

  6. Elizabeth I am so with you on the Coriander as well, I hate the stuff and there was a stage where you would find it in everything!

    At Number 32, yes I finished Eat Pray Love but what a waste of time. I was so frustrated with the charachter!

    Lisa I love the idea of that salad, it does sound delish but .... I agree cooked Spinach is a bit iffy, so dirty and gritty before washing. You're not sure if you cleaned it properly ;)

    Victoria, I know what you mean, I would find it so hard to do so many things with nails that long!

    Sarah, thank goodness I'm not the only one to find the book a bit lacking :) All that blushing and biting of the lip, gag! xx

  7. Oh Simone, i could agree with you on 95% of these, Hamish & Andy, i've mentioned before their 'getting laid' humour just doesn't translate to me, come on boys, you're in your 30s now, geesh!! I see Eat Pray Love get a mention, the movie was awful too. I've seen 50 Shades of Grey on the shelves, didn't know it was such a hit, but from what i hear, i'd rather being having sex that reading about it!!
    Do you like dill (the herb) as i love it, try it with chicken & mayo in a roll, mmmm, love Posie

  8. Oh hang on, did you like the image as that was GORGEOUS!! Those pink flowers, hello, yes please, love Posie

  9. I had fun reading this post. I`ve been wanting to pick up a copy of 50 shades cause of all the hype. You`re the second person who I`ve heard say it`s not so great. A lady I met at a wedding told me that after awhile you get fed up with all the sex and want the story to go on, she said the story is good but shockingly for her she found there was too much sex.

    There have been tons of movies, cereals and foods that have done this for me. Off the top of my head, chai latte, green tea, SUSHI! McDonalds and Tim Hortons fruity shakes.Now I`m drawing a blank, I know I`ll think of some as soon as I hit publish!

    I`ve also been wondering about those lavender ice creams, they just don`t appeal to me at all.


  10. Love your honesty and so true about so many. I relate to India! As much as everyone says they love it, it's amazing etc etc I have no desire at all to visit.
    My other dislike that everyone else seems to love is Feta - can't do it!
    Great post xx


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