Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Home Improvements - Kitchen/Bathroom

So along with a renovation with the floors and walls we are updating the kitchen as well.
That's the thing with renovations, once you change one thing you realise you have to change everything around it!

I pinned so many pictures and realised that what I like in a kitchen is white, white, white! So we will be changing the cupboard doors to white with white ceaserstone bench tops. 
Also a white splashback of subway tiles.

We will also cut our breakfast bar down to create more of an island type bench. After 10 years we know what works with our cupboards and pantry. So we will be adding practical touches like pullout shelves and drawers to cupboards. We want to utilise as much space in the cupboards as possible. I also want to add extra powerpoints and downlights under the cupboards as the kitchen is quite dark as it is. 

All those things you live 10 years with wishing you could change!

Basically it will look nothing like my "inspiration" photos just like my old kitchen but in white. I'm happy with that :)

Also thanks to everyone for Simon's birthday wishes. 
Control freak that he is, he ended up making his own birthday cake. I just bought the ingredients. He loved it, must of satisfied that specific craving of his! 

Here is a pic of it -

We ended up giving him a couple of "dad' type presents. 
Some new ties for work and 3 new t-shirts. We also went out for lunch and bought some new plants for the garden.
Who said romance was dead!! ;)

Simone xx


  1. I LOVE subway tiles in kitchens and bathrooms! What colour grout do you think you'll choose. I've always been torn between the cleaness of white and the edginess of grey. So many decisions in a kitchen reno! Your ideas sound fantastic, good luck -C x

    1. ooh good question! I am thinking white but who knows whether it will get too dirty?! xx

  2. Oh how exciting! I love the idea of white white white kitchen, with lots of down-lights too Simone, ours is way too dark at the moment... and falling apart, but that's another story.
    Great cake! That is so funny that he took the task on himself... I think my hubby would completely freak out if he had to make a cake... he just likes eating them ;)

    1. Yes there is something so fresh about white and I think as the floors will be so dark we will be able to handle all the white! Hopefully its not too hard to keep looking clean! I didn't mind him making his cake, it was so much better than him looking over my shoulder and giving suggestions ;) xx

  3. There are some joys in baking your own cake too. Good one! =D

  4. I think so! You can have it exactly how you want it! xx

  5. Cabinets and drawers are very important in the kitchen, especially when you have plenty of utensils and ingredients to keep organized. These inspirations are perfect, and I'm sure you'll end up with a fabulous white kitchen. Redos are exciting, aren't they? I'll be looking forward to your new kitchen, Simone! :)

  6. It’s been more than a year. Were you able to do all the renovation plans for your kitchen and bathroom? Such projects really require a lot of preparation. The budget is one of your major concerns too. Well, if you’re truly dedicated to making your dreams come to life, nothing can ever stop you from achieving it. :)

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