Monday, July 9, 2012


Just a quick pop in to say hello :)
 The school holidays are keeping me busier than usual, as I drop Finn off to various activities and get out of the house to do things as staying at home is apparently "boring!"

There is something to be said for the school term routine :)
How was your weekend? Do you have kids on school holidays? Are they running you ragged?!

Just some of the things I have been doing the last week are:

*  baking cupcakes - the kids are in a cooking phase

*  I find I am tidying up the house constantly! Kids at home make      more mess!

*  I got sent a pair of jeans from Jeanswest, I will let you know more about them, they are fab!

*  We are planning some home improvements/renovations and the deciding on finishes etc is tough. I'm scared of making the wrong decision.

I will share more details on everything in a couple of days :)
Simone xx

image via The Lane

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  1. Oh yes, I know what you mean Simone... and I only have one little boy in preschool... for two days a week... and even THAT I am finding difficult to be without at the moment. I think the routine definitely does keep things running more smoothly... AND of course being at school keeps them occupied and happy too!
    Can't wait to hear about your jeans... and your reno's also. I understand your concern over making those decisions. I am constantly thinking about the changes I'd love to make to our place, but I know as soon as I'm given the go ahead to make the changes, I'll take forever in deciding! xo


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