Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wife of the Year?

I must be in the running for Wife of the Year as I have just agreed to a last minute surf trip for Simon. 

He is heading off to Bali TONIGHT to take advantage of the great waves happening at the moment. I'm storing up the brownie points as I think of him enjoying the sunshine while I'm running around with the kids this week! 

Would you do this?

Simone xx

pic is Simon in Bali last year


  1. I would definitely do this, but I would also expect that my partner would look after the kids while I went on a trip with the ladies!

    I hope he has a great time!

  2. I just agreed to my husband going away for a fishing trip on Friday! I'm not going to sulk, I'll just put it in the bank for when I want to do something without the kids!

  3. Oh you are a good woman! Which is no doubt why he loves you so much!

  4. You ARE the wife of the year Simone, what a great woman you are to be so understanding of hubby's sport. Scott does a 4 day golf trip every year and that is about as much as I can take... although he does play every other Sat too!
    I'm sure you'll have a lovely week with your gorgeous boys though... and definitely good brownie points for down the track, haha!
    Simon must be an ace surfer, that is a great shot mid wave! xo

  5. You are the wife the year, I let him do things we wants to do & then remind him later when I want to do something alone or cash it in for something I have been eyeing.

  6. My husband went on a trip to America for 7 days with his friends when we had a 20mth old and I was pregnant with our second. The week was exhausting for me but he deserves time to himself. He gives me lots of time to myself all the time, so well worth it! Although I must admit I don't like him flying without me (*worrier here*)

  7. Hi Simone! My husband went to Hawaii for a week last year, to be part of a wedding and holiday....still have my brownie points under my belt! :-)

  8. NEVER SIMONE. NEVER EVER would I do this! NO WAY!

    and i will never tell my husband that you have done it either, that would NOT be a good idea.


    xo em

  9. Yep. Wife of the year goes to you. Lucky man.

  10. I would be happy to let my husband go away- we all need time to ourselves to recharge. However as long as the favour is reciprocated and you get some time out too, I think it works well.

  11. oh that's a tough one, I guess it is only a week. I am sure he is very grateful and a great dad who will make up for lost time when he arrives home!x


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