Sunday, June 10, 2012

What caught my eye this week...

I'm starting a new series of posts which consist of a wrap up of everything that caught my eye during the week. 

Usually I rip out magazine pages, take screen shots and write down things on scraps of paper that get lost. This way I will have everything in one place and can share them with you :)

I was excited to hear that Table Tonic now has a bricks & mortar store in Avalon. I will definitely be popping up there next week.

image via Table Tonic

I also want to book into a class at Megan Morton's "The School" I think it would be fantastic to take some time out to be a bit crafty and make something pretty :)

image via Megan Morton instagram

I love this shelf for knick knacks from Ferm Living below.

I'm in love with this painting by Kristy Gammill. Definitely want something similar but large scale on a canvas. Can any of my arty bloggy friends do this?!

I must try and make it across the bridge to Koskela. Homewares and food is a perfect match don't you think.

Loving this simple mantra seen on Pinterest

I couldn't resist dressing my boys up today for my nieces christening. I love boys in this preppy style and Jasper in his bow tie, Noah in a vest and Finn in a tie was too cute for words!

What has caught your eye this week? I'd love to know!

Simone xx


  1. All gorgeous -
    but especially your sweet boys.
    :-) xx

  2. Boys in bow ties supa cute!!

  3. Lots of lovely things. I'd love to check out Table Tonic store too. When you go be sure to take pics for us. Don't your boys look dapper?

  4. Hey Simone - where did you get your little ones vest from?

    It's exactly what I'm looking for :)

  5. Hi Kirsty, it was from Cotton On Kids but a few years ago as it was Jaspers first :)

  6. Oh those boys Simone! Heart warming. It is SO much fun dressing up little boys... I love rugging my two up now the days are colder.
    Some lovely things to bookmark here and I like the idea of you sharing these with us on a weekly basis.
    That painting is gorgeous too by the way.

  7. Thank you Simone! Just sorting out the opening/closing hours still! Will be open Tue-Sat, 10-4 from next week. See you soon! xLouise

  8. Thanks for letting me know :)


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