Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This week.....

So  this week I am.....

Eating .......Casseroles and curries. Rediscovering our slow cooker. Any recipes to share?

Collecting....I seem to keep buying woollen jumpers. I have about 4 and don't really need any more!!

Reading....Thinking about delving into the Fifty Shades of Grey series although not sure if it's my cup of tea.

Wearing.... My ankle boots. Black and perfect for every outfit.

Sipping.... .Mochas. Iced. In Winter. Crazy!

Discovering.... all about floorboards. We are contemplating putting them in our house. So I am researching all the different types.

Listening to....Finn's ipod.His favourite song at the moment and the one that is stuck in my head is "Whistle" by FloRida. 

Visiting..... Play centres. In this weather it is the easiest place to meet for a play date and let the kids blow off steam!

Dreaming of... A hot, beach holiday.

Browsing..... Online shops. I find it a lovely waste of time. My version of window shopping. 

Snuggling.... Into flannelette sheets. A must in Winter!

Watching.... Bethany Ever After, The Real Housewives - OC and Revenge. Tacky but so addictive!

Simone xx

image via bellamumma


  1. I have the opposite problem... I never buy jumpers and am always freezing. The cold weather creeps up on me every year! I've been looking at floorboards too... so many options.

  2. Hi Simone,
    I would love to hear what you have discovered about floorboards. I noticed you have tiles in your house, are you planning on pulling them up or laying floorboards over the top? We have quite a large house with tiles in the living areas and hallways and are also thinking of putting floorboards in.
    Thanks :)

  3. I love your list! I am also rediscovering my slow cooker this week. Thank goodness for easy meals.

  4. I love the little update ... sipping iced mochas in winter yep you are mad woman! You won't be disappointed with putting in floorboards they are easy to clean and hide the dirt :) You can also indulge in some gorgeous rugs to keep them protected and cosy.

  5. I am dreaming of a lovely hot holiday too. It would be so nice right now. I must get my slow cooker out more often I think. It would be so nice right now if dinner was almost done xx

  6. I'm trying to convince the man to let me get a slow cooker will now push even harder,
    you can never have to many jumpers, I currently own 4 or more all for different occasions & some now have baby vomit & I totally need to get myself some ankle booties.

  7. I just bought two new jumpers today and I'm itching to wear them... also picked up some new black tights, a couple of those long stretchy singlets and a pair of dark denim skinny jeans, hmmm, I need to stop buying too! In saying that, reading about your black ankle boots also reminded me that I'd like a pair of those too! Haha!
    Love this post Simone. Floorboards are a lovely addition to the home, we have them downstairs... but I do have a couple of largeish floor rugs for the boys to play on and for warmth in the cooler months.


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