Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pinterest Clean-up

I was cleaning up my Pinterest boards the other day, as you do! 

I spent probably toooooo long rearranging them and deleting some onto different boards but it was so satisfying :)

Anyhoo, as I was arranging them I realised that the majority of my pins are of cakes & sweets! (followed by home interior pics) 

As I try not to eat too much cake in real life the pins were a bit of a fantasy. Here is some of the deliciousness I pinned.

Peanut butter and chocolate pancake cake

Pink perfection. Just add sprinkles.

Nutella donuts, baked not fried

Churros and hot chocolate

Are you on Pinterest? What do you seem to pin the most?

Simone xx

all images from my pinterest boards


  1. Yum! What delicious naughtiness! I am on Pinterest but I forget to use it - I just don't seem to have enough time. I have only pinned a few things, but they're mostly interiors. I'll have to look you up

  2. Better to pin than to eat that gorgeousness!!! x

  3. Oh sweet sweet delight! I could easily polish off any of those... or all of them! I am yet to have my choccie intake for the evening, so you've just inspired me to go and do it Simone, thank you xoxo


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