Monday, June 18, 2012

Noah - 12 weeks

Our gorgeous boy is 12 weeks old.

He is so calm and easy going. An absolute dream.
We have been to various parties and outings and he is perfectly behaved at all times. I think partly this is down to me, as this time around I am not stressing the small stuff and am being very relaxed about routine and fitting everything into our day.

He is getting soooo big, 7kgs and  63cm long. We will have to remove the insert from his capsule soon to give him a little more room. Noah is growing out of his 000 onesies and moving into 00, depending on which brands. I still love the Bonds wondersuits but during the day I am starting to put him in outfits :)
Usually from Cotton On Kids, cute little pants, tops and hoodies.  Sometimes the boys will find me doing a little photo shoot with Noah and of course, everyone wants to join in.

I am still breastfeeding and we are both enjoying it. I am so glad I didn't give up after that bout of mastitis and thankfully haven't had it since. Although in the last week or so I have noticed that Noah will be distracted while feeding if the tv is on or the boys are making too much noise and having too much fun!

Noah is enjoying playing on his playmat. He kicks his legs and tries to reach for some of the dangly toys. Finn is teaching him to poke out his tongue(!) and Noah had done it once or twice. Could have been a fluke!

Everything is just cruising along at the moment but I remember with the boys just as I thought I had a handle on things, routines and habits change, so I am waiting for them :)
Also the age gap between the boys means that Finn and Jasper are fairly self reliant which makes things easier. It would be a different story if the boys were closer in age.

The best thing I bought this time round that I didn't have with the other boys is the capsule/car seat that can be placed in the car and removed to click onto my pram (a mountain buggy - urban).
This ensures I don't disturb Noah's sleep with all the running around I do and the school/kindy pick ups and drop offs.

Noah is so loved and always has someone wanting to hold him or read him a story or shake a toy in his face:)
 It melts my heart to see Finn and Jasper with him. When I see them all together I realise that all my dreams have come true. After the wait and ivf journey to get my boys I truly feel blessed and so lucky.

Simone xx


  1. Great update Simone. Noah is just so delicious. His face has changed a lot though already....I can see a real little boy coming through now, loosing a little bit of that newborn look. So sweet!

  2. Such a handsome little lad, he looks so grown up already! x

  3. Oh Simone, I really do love the words in this post. I can feel the joy and happiness radiating off the page and it's so nice to read about. Noah is a gorgeous little boy, I can tell he is easy going, just from his sweet little smile. I also find reading about how you're handling things very fascinating, as I used to be a bit against having a gap between the kids, but have changed that outlook recently... and you have just supported my change of mind. I now think having the kids closer has it's drawbacks and it's really really hard work... I've seen this first hand with various friends who have had 3 or 4 close together.
    Your positivity is contagious, you're doing a great job Mama! xo

  4. Lovely post. Makes me look forward to the baby phase when we decide to add to our little family. I hope i dont put too much thought into the little things next time around. Great tip about the capsule! Will keep that in mind!

  5. I can't believe how much he has changed. Very gorgeous.
    You're very blessed as they as blessed to have you as a mama.
    I hope I am as chilled when our little man arrives. X

  6. What a pud! he is just divine! Hoping his days stay calm, chilled and forever doted over :)

  7. Awwh 12 weeks already, his older than Gabby buy 1week & a bit.
    His face has changed so much still so cute & those cheeks I want to squeeze.

  8. Noah is just so precious Simone. He is a very blessed baby to be part of such a wonderful family x


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