Thursday, June 21, 2012

Monday outing - Koskela

As Simon has his Real Estate office and works on Saturday, his weekend is Sunday/Monday. So for a while now, Monday is the day Simon and I usually get to do something together without the kids. (although now Noah comes along). We like to go out for lunch somewhere and browse somewhere new.  

On Monday we ventured over the bridge to Koskela to look at the amazing homewares & furniture and have lunch at Kitchen by Mike.

It is set in a huge warehouse and was all very "cool" and smelt wonderfully of wood! Neon is definitely the big thing at the moment. Also the food was AMAZING at Kitchen by Mike, really simple and fresh but so delicious. 
Noah was happy to lounge on the cushions under the heater while we ate lunch :)

We will definitely go back for lunch and if you join their facebook page you can check out what is on the Menu each day.

If you know of any places that we should check out in Sydney, let me know.

Simone xx
all images my own except the last image is from their website.


  1. Ooh you're making me jealous! I miss Sydney cafes and great coffee. xx

  2. Looks wonderful. I want a bowl of that soup. xx

  3. How lovely that you get to spend a day together like that. It's nice also to spend the quality time with Noah on his own too I guess.
    That looks like a very cool place indeed... and the food does look tasty, Mmmm!


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