Saturday, June 16, 2012

Insta - Love

Well, I am still in LOVE with Instagram and have joined in again with Chantelle's Photo a day Challenge. Here is my June photos so far. 

Come and follow me on Instagram if you haven't already.
I'm there under honeyandfizz (of course!) Let me know if you are on there so I can follow you too.  

I really feel like it gives a bit more of a personal insight into some of the bloggers I follow. It has also given me so many new ideas for recipes, online shopping links, home decor, fashion. Instagram is so much more than just happy snaps :)

Simone xx

all pics my own taken on an iphone 4S


  1. What a lovely collection of snaps Simone. I totally LOVE instagram, but I haven't actually followed anyone... or really told anyone I'm on there either. I use it more for playing with my photos. I am keen to start following it properly... but I know it will be another time waster in my day xo

  2. I absolutely LOVE instagram too. And I love watching your feed Simone. Your boys & home are gorgeous!


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