Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Fashion.

This Friday I am in love with a floral blazer. 

As black is my friend at the moment, wearing a floral blazer can add a pop of colour to an outfit. All I have to add are some accessories and I'm done.Here are some fantastic florals-

I realised I had already rocked this look last year for Jasper's birthday party. So ahead of my time ;)

And a smidge of fashion for the Kids this Friday, I will be popping into Cotton On Kids over the weekend to pick up a couple of pairs of trackie pants for Jasper.

He calls tracksuit pants "soft pants" and is a huge fan.
 I usually find them pretty daggy but I could be ok with these ones :)

How about you? Any floral in your closet?
What about tracksuit pants, do you wear your pair to the shops or keep them for home?

Simone xx

all floral blazers can be found on my pinterest page. last pic from


  1. Love floral- any shape or form, be it a dress, scarf or blazer. Tracksuit pants- always for home, no excuses!

  2. mmm unfort Simone you can't get me out of my trackies at the moment heavily pregnant... to the shops and all. But 10 days away from delivery it's the perfect excuse xx ps. Love the floral jacket idea!

  3. Kids and "soft pants" are made for each other. If you can't be comfy as a kid, when can you be!?!

    Your floral blazer is my fave of the bunch. It's a good look. x

  4. This look really suits you! I have seen it matched up with the jeans as well and I think it is a bit full on! cute trackies wouldnt mind a pair for myself;)x

  5. Aww what a gorgeous photo Simone, you look beautiful in your florals. I am really liking those floral jeans out at the moment, but as yet haven't been brave enough to purchase a pair xo

  6. Your blazer is the nicest I think. I love floral but don't wear as much as I'd like to. I must do something about that. Re trackies, I only have a couple of pairs but they are so old and skanky I avoid wearing them in public! The are comfy though :)


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