Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Drink up.

Are you a juice fan? Which would be your favourite flavour?
I get so tempted sometimes to buy a juicer but I have a feeling it would be something I would use every day for a few weeks than lose interest in. I know myself too well!

My pick would be the Energy juice, you can never have too much energy :)

Simone xx

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  1. I have one at home and a work mate and I have just gone shares in one for the office.

    Like all appliances its use varies. I may not use it for months then juice like a maniac for a month.

    If you are thinking about it end of financial year sales is the time to get one.

  2. Oh I LOVE juice Simone... and I HAVE a juicer. I've owned it for about 7 years now... and haven't used it in about 6 years. Sorry to say, but it was a white elephant for me. I feel bad too, as it is a really lovely one. Maybe I should dig it out and actually USE it.
    My fave freshly squeezed juice is probably apple or pineapple. But I do love a concoction at my local juice shop... consisting of rockmelon, green apple, pineapple and orange. It is sooooo good xo


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