Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I love the idea of these "Greek Nachos". I love the look of them and thought it was a healthier option for a family favourite.

Bittman’s Greek Nachos begin with a bed of oven crisped pitas. 
On top of that he uses a cumin and onion seasoned ground lamb. Drizzled over the top of the pitas and ground meat is a perfectly salty, creamy and tangy sauce of yogurt, feta, lemon juice/zest and fresh mint.


And then.... I saw these!

Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Bars.

The recipe can be found here

Simone xx

image and recipe of Nachos via Not Without Salt
Cheesecake bars via Epicurean Mom


  1. Oh WOW!
    Looks both yum,
    and I've never met a dessert I didn't like.

  2. I'm a massive fan of mint, so you had me from the top of that image down, mmmm, love Posie

  3. Oh dear Simone! You have me drooling at 11pm! That cheesecake looks divine xo


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