Thursday, June 7, 2012


I'm feeling the need for a little update around our house. We built the house 10 years ago and whilst that is still newish, I feel that some things are looking a little tired and could use an update. 

While reading the latest issue of Adore Magazine I came across heaps of inspiration. Our house is very "neutral". Floors, walls, furniture are neutral with the only colour coming from my homewares, cushions and books. 

I'm thinking about taking it up a notch and introducing fabric and colour to the max! Not sure though if it is something I could live with forever. Ahhh the big decisions :)

And of course nobody does colour better than Anna from Black & Spiro. So much inspiration on her blog

How about you? Are you living in a house of colour or do you prefer things a little calmer?

Simone xx

first 4 pics from Adore Magazine. Last 2 pics from Absolutelybeautifulthings


  1. I am definitely leaning towards adding colour! Love all your inspiration shots and I think you can't go wrong if you add colour in the form of soft furnishings. Good luck! x

  2. I love colour! S doesn't want me to make cushions to brighten our loungeroom because 'No-one sits on them anyway, what purpose do they actually have', to make the house look nicer? ha!

  3. I too live in a neautral house :) The walls are white, white & a bit more white. But our furniture is mainly chocolate brown. The only colour comes from pops of decor in vases, prints, candles etc.
    Whenever I see colourful homes I get all inspired & want more colour in our house....but I don't know where to start!?

  4. Colour, colour, colour!! I find though by starting with a neutral base, you can highlight what and where you like without it becoming too much. Mags are such good inspiration :)

  5. I am more into dark things, mechanic dirty hands & little stick fingers don't leave that much of a mark.

  6. I'd love to add more colour to our house, at the moment it's a bit of a mish mash, as I've never properly redecorated it. I really want to though. How exciting that you're doing a little refresh on yours... look forward to seeing what you do Simone xo


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