Monday, June 25, 2012

Back on the exercise train.

I spoke about getting back into exercise WEEKS ago but I seem to have *ahem*.... forgotten about it.

My idea of a walk with Noah in the pram hasn't worked with all this rain and the cold so I think I am going to bite the bullet and rejoin the gym. 
I gave up my membership halfway through my pregnancy so I am going to rejoin as doing classes is the only thing that motivates me and will make me want to go.

Once I get into a routine I am fine, it is just taking that first step! 

Do you prefer to exercise in a gym or on your own in the great outdoors? Do you naturally slack off in Winter or keep going all year round?

Simone xx


  1. I love the Gym but it is just not possible for me at the moment with my young girls. I have a treadmill and bike in my room which I am meant to use everyday - well that's the plan, and I really do want to exercise as I actually enjoy it. But alas, this get's derailed a lot as who can escape the kids long enough to get an exercise in, or there's having a bad nights sleep, or sickness that is floating around everywhere. They all have an evil plan to make it hard. But I am dragging out my sneakers today, with a bad night sleep, fighting of my girls flu, and setting the timer for 20min as that's all the time I can sneak away from it all.

  2. Oh good on you Simone! The first step is definitely the hardest... and it IS really hard to get into a routine.
    I used to LOVE the gym, but haven't been a member of one for over 8 years, how the time has flown.
    I have been an active 'outdoors' trainer since I stopped going though and it works really well for me. Love sand running or jogging along the coast... and of course my wonderful stair climbing. But yes, in Winter, it does make it a little difficult. Good luck with the kick start xo

  3. I exercise at home almost everyday, with exercise dvds, the gym makes me feel uncomfortable with all the males around. Plus I really never have time to attend during the daycare hours.

  4. I used to be so good at fitting in excercise and was a mad keen runner. But then I had two children and now it's hard enough finding time for myself...let alone time to exercise.

    The baby is now 5 months old so I really should try harder to pull my runners on and get moving. They say it takes 3 weeks to form a new maybe if I set my mind to it I'll be back in the swing of things by the end of July. Here's hoping!

  5. good work! it's hard work but worth it! I can't believe I missed that you had a baby - I've been so lazy with my blog reading!!! I obviously need to go back and read:)

    i go to virgin and love it and there was a time I'd put all 4 kids in the creche (which cost a small fortune each visit) just so i could exercise at least twice a week to lose baby weight and tone up. It's hard work but worth it! I thought you looked great at blogopolis! so nice to meet you



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