Thursday, May 3, 2012

This week...

So I'm struggling to find the time for this blog of mine. Amazing how much time a gorgeous baby takes up! 

Here is what we have been up to so far this week :)

Noah has become my walking partner as I embark upon my "fitness regime". I'll start off with regular walks and move on from there!

Football season has started so we have been shuttling to training and the games.

I've been planning Jasper's birthday party. I had grand plans for a large extravaganza with lots of family and friends. Homemade food and games etc but I feel I would be biting off more than I could chew at them moment so I am outsourcing this year (again!) and having it at a gymnastics centre with a few of Jasper's kindy friends :)

The skateboard ramp is still getting a work out. Every day after school Finn is out there, skating away!

I'm enjoying time with my gorgeous boy, oooh I can't stop kissing those cheeks!
Thanks to everyone who offered me advice and suggestions regarding my bout with mastitis. I just kept feeding and expressing from that breast and made sure it was drained and thankfully it healed by the end of that week. Lets hope it doesn't visit me again!

So how has your week been? Although I probably already know as I am reading your blogs just not leaving comments!

Simone xx

all images my own


  1. I love reading your blog and seeing how positive you are and how much you enjoy your kids. I can feel that "baby glow" coming through your writing! I too am a mama of 3 and loving it.

  2. Oh Simone, your boys are just divine. Look at your newest bubba boy though, he is adorable... and growing so quickly by the looks of him!
    Sounds like you're going really well hun, good on you, it's truly lovely to read about xoxo

  3. Such a contrast between a skateboarder and a sleeping baby...amazing how quickly they grow. Love that birthday invite pic...very cute.x

  4. What beautiful shots.
    What beautiful times.
    Enjoy those sweet baby kisses - won't be that long before Noah's the feature of birthday and skateboarding shots!
    Press 'pause' now!

  5. Love these photos. He's so cute!
    Am enjoying baby cuddles with my own newborn boy at the moment but you're right, it doesn't half mess with your blogging time. My Reader is so full of blogs I need to catch up and comment on.

  6. What a beautiful post, Simone. Enjoy these days with your kids. I have been enjoying this lovely Sydney weather with my two little ones just trying to enjoy those little special moments with them! Happy weekend! Tash

  7. what very gorgeous pics simone, how fast is your newborn growing!! time flies when ur having fun!!
    glad to see all is well with you and your boys!
    laura xxx


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