Monday, May 14, 2012

My Mothers Day.

I had such a gorgeous day yesterday. I was treated like a princess from the moment I woke up til the moment I went to sleep. Oh, it was a lovely day!

It started with Noah waking at 7am for a feed, so I snuggled down with him in bed and waited for the other boys to come in. They had made me 2 beautiful cards and Finn had chosen a ring and votive candle holders for me from his Mothers Day stall. I love seeing what they choose by themselves.

I was then given more presents and it was exactly what I wanted! Somebody does read my blog :)
I must admit Simon did quite well to source everything considering I only blogged on the Thursday!
So I received my gorgeous necklace, my nail polish and a paella pan!

After the presents were opened I was told to stay in bed for my breakfast (Noah had been put down again for a sleep) and I was served my poached eggs on toast. Yum! The papers were then bought in to me and I was told to snuggle in and relax. Just perfect!

It was quite a chilly day so we had a lovely relaxing day at home just pottering around and then we had family over for dinner. Simon made a delicious paella with my new pan. After everyone had left, he then cleaned everything whilst I had a bath. 

It was the perfect day surrounded by my boys with lots of hugs and kisses thrown in. Also it was extra special as it was my first Mothers Day with Noah.

I hope you all had wonderful days too.

Simone xx

all images my own


  1. beautiful. so glad you had such a wonderful mothers day, just how it should be. xx

  2. Sounds (and looks) just perfect.
    Gorgeous pics.
    :-) x

  3. Oh Simone, how absolutely lovely. I just love the photos, you did so well to get such a beautiful one of you with all three of your boys.
    That last shot is magic, so precious.
    Lovely to hear you were spoilt, much deserved xo

  4. Absolutely beautiful - you are truly blessed. I love these photos, and that final pic is just breathtaking. I'm so glad you had such a happy mama's day. x

  5. Beautiful photos Simone, I love the necklace idea, I might have to have one of them.x

  6. Divine simone, its posts like these (& pictures) that make me so excited for my future & joy at the thought of having our own little family one day (hopefully not TOO far away!) sal x

  7. love your necklace. i want too !


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