Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hints for Mothers Day.

I'm a very hard person to buy for, I'm very picky and when I see something that I like I usually buy it for myself! But Simon and the boys have been asking me what I would like for Mothers Day so I thought I would give them some hints.

I adore this necklace and charms from Palas Jewellery. I'd love to have one with the boys initials on it in various sizes. 
Such a reasonable price too!

Loving this pink quilt cover on the latest issue of Real Living. Apparently Real Living are doing a range of linen and they are selling them at Target. Yay!

For something a little fun, some neon nail polish in either yellow or pink or maybe orange!

Flowers are always a winner!

 Maybe someone could make me breakfast? Eggs on toast. Yummo!

But most of all just give me lots of hugs and kisses and good behaviour and I'll be happy!

Hopefully the sun will be shining on Sunday and we can have a wonderful day and do something nice. We are having the family over for a Mothers Day dinner at our place on Sunday night.

Hope all the mums out there get spoilt with love!
Have you asked for anything in specific this Mothers Day?

Simone xx


  1. Im not a Mum myself but I'll definately be using these hints for my own Mum - I think she would love flowers and jewellery, those charms are adorable.

  2. A day without whining... That's all I want! x

  3. Would love for a good sleep in and some new veggie seed/seedlings for the veggie patch :)

  4. Lovely wish list Simmone, hope those boys spoil you rotten!!!

  5. Some wonderful ideas Simone. I hope your boys spoil you with lots of love and a few special gifts too.
    I have not requested anything at this stage. Like yourself, I tend to buy the things I want. But clothes can never go astray, so I might score a new outfit yet!
    Happy Mother's Day to you lovely lady xo

  6. I want those charms as well plus that slip silk pillow cover.
    Have a wonderful MOTHERS day. xx

  7. gorgeosu picks,you & i have so much in common..loving the charms,doona (amazing), flowers & breakfats what more can we ask for ..but i do LOVE teh special gifts my boys bring from school got to love the mugs,soaps and chocolates lol hope you have a gorgeous mothers day sweetie!! xx

  8. Great ideas. I went to T2 and dropped hints there. x


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