Sunday, April 1, 2012


It was a gorgeous day today so we thought we would take Noah to Manly.

He slept through the whole outing :)

A trip to Ocean World

How nice was the sunshine?!

A little stroll, followed by lunch at Sushi Train. 
After not having Sushi for 9 months, it tasted sooo good!

Followed by an ice-cream

Followed by kisses for the littlest one :)

I also snapped this pic of me and my boys.
I'm soooo lucky xx

How was your Sunday?

Simone xx

all pics taken on my phone. I can't seem to be bothered using my camera at the moment!


  1. Just gorgeous Simone...what a perfect sunday spent ; )

  2. Wow, you are looking and doing great! What a lovely day for an outing, and it is great when everything runs to plan!x

  3. What a great day, and so glad Noah (LOVE that name!!!) slept through it all. Oh, and you have no idea how excited I am to see your boys eating Japanese! You've taught them well! And you having sushi (yippee!)

    Glad your day out was fun. You look so happy with your men all around you. Aaah, happy days! xxx

  4. Oh Simone, I am loving your posts this week, they get me tearing up, because I can just feel the love. Beautiful. Your little Noah is adorable. Looks like you made the very best of the gorgeous day we had in Sydney. The photos are lovely, especially that last one, you're a lucky gal indeed... but you deserve every piece of it! xo

  5. What a prefect day.
    That last pic is just precious - love it.
    :-) xx

  6. Simone, your family is JUST BEAUTIFUL!

    And there's nothing better than the Sushi you eat after just having been pregnant!

    ... nothing better!


  7. cuteness right the photos of you and your boys, so special, and yummmm sushi thanks for sharing your photos with us smooch lisa xx
    love noah's name too

  8. What a wonderful way of spending the weekend, His (Noah) is the cutest baby boy.

  9. Gorgeousness!!!
    I get the chocolate ice-cream and put hundreds of thousands on it too. Xxx I can see an ice-cream date coming on. Xxxx

  10. Lovely photos! Such a beautiful family. Glad you're all settling into life as a family of five... you make it look so easy. :) xx

  11. oh look at you and your beautiful boys...gorgeous! x

  12. aww your babies are so beautiful. Sushi! I want Sushi!

  13. Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful pics of Manly. I used to go to Manly most weekends and it's where I first stayed with my now husband. We love it there and miss it so much now we are in Melb.
    Seeing your beautiful family there makes me want to take the rip back home with my family.

  14. That last photo is such a beautiful family shot.


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