Friday, April 20, 2012

Noah - 4 weeks

* weight 5.5kg

* you are holding your head up and looking around

* you like lying on your playmat and looking at the bright colours

* you are feeding like a champion and sleeping for 5-6 hrs at night

* we have started you on the Tizzie Hall "Save our Sleep" routine and so far so good

* your brothers, dad and I all fight to hold you but I always win 

* we love your cuddles

* you look gorgeous in a wondersuit!

Love Mummy xx


  1. Blogs are such a beautiful way to record your children's moments - a contemporary version of a baby book I guess. I'm sure he will love being able to look at these one day (or at least his partner will when he's all grown up!). xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  2. Ubba Chubba Cute!! Handsome little guy he is. Was on the Tizzie plan aswell...until Noah got sick with Bronchitis and it threw his whole eat/sleep routine out of whack as he was so unwell. Am hoping to start it up again now that he is on the mend...fingers crossed..I would kill for the 4-5 hours straight sleep again ; )

  3. Just gorgeous.
    What a clever little boy already.
    :-) x

  4. Oh be still my beating heart... he is ADORABLE, Simone! One month already, my, the time is flying.
    I can totally understand the eagerness to cuddle that little bundle of 5.5kg baby. You're doing great Mama xo

  5. omg its already been a month.
    I love it when they sleep 5-6hours at night, must try that book too.

  6. Noah is one super cute bubba!

  7. Oh Simone, Noah is just gorgeous! I can't believe he is a month old already.

  8. what a beautiful baby boy!!!!
    Love Norralee xx

  9. what a beautiful baby boy!!!!
    Love Norralee xx

  10. That Baby is DIVINE!!!!! I love the small baby stage...I miss it! x

  11. Poppet! I just want to eat those cheeks!! x

  12. Simone, how is it that I have only just found your blog? - Shame on me :) I have loved having a quick look at your blog and beautiful photos. I hear you.... mastitis sucks! Luckily the benefits of breastfeeding outweighs all the little 'blips' a long the way. Kate :)


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