Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter weekend.

We are having a quiet one here this year it being Noah's first Easter and we are not up to our usual Easter camping trip. It's nice to have the break.

A lot of our family are away this weekend so we have had a few of our Easter Eggs given to us early. The temptation has been too great for me and I have eaten several already. I'm happy to say that I am completely over chocolate! 

The boys are still going strong however :)

So on Sunday we will just have a casual lunch at our house with my brother and sister in law and their girls. We will have a little Easter Egg hunt for the cousins. 

Although the main aim for me over the weekend is to get a pic of all the boys in bunny ears. A little tradition of mine. 

Finn will still play along with me for these photos, even at almost 10 :)

What are your plans for Easter?

Simone xx


  1. Happy Easter, Simone. Enjoy your first Easter with your new boy xox

  2. Love those traditions Simone, I still do the Christmas photo of the boys, but I never started the Easter one... maybe I should!? Sounds like a perfect Easter weekend, nice and relaxing. That is pretty much the intention for ours also. And I agree, I am a bit 'over' chocolate right now, I have really over-indulged. Happy Easter to you and your fam Simone xo

  3. Wishing you and your gorgeous boys a very Happy Easter Simone!
    I must say I haven't eaten too much chocolate yet as I'm saving myself for Sunday! I'll be sorry come Monday that's for sure!
    Lets hope this gorgeous sunny weather stays around for the next few days too.
    Jess xo

  4. Happy Easter lovely Fizzy Family!! I'm so sorry i missed the arrival of your 3rd son, i've had horrible computer issues, glad you gave birth despite my blogging absense, tee hee.
    Have a fabulous time with the cousins, they are the best asset any set of children can hope for, my lucky 4 have 19 first cousins, we love them to bits, love Posie

  5. What a special Easter. Hope you have a lovely one Simone. xx

  6. Happy Easter Simone,
    Thank you for everything you share on your blog, it brings a bit of "sparkle" to my day.
    Norralee xx


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