Friday, March 2, 2012

Birthday Cakes.

I have been given the responsibilty of providing a cake for my dad's 60th birthday on Saturday.

Due to "life" and being busy I haven't really given much thought to what I am going to make.
Since we will be driving 2 and a bit hours to get there, I think it has to be something simple and easily transportable.

I think I am leaning towards this at the moment.

(obviously 6 & 0!)As dad is a mad St George footy fan I'm thinking a red and white theme. Jaffa's maybe or raspberries?

I'm thinking chocolate cake inside and who doesn't love Smarties?

Some other favourites I like are:

Although in reality I will probably just make a couple of rectangular sponge cakes, pop them together with icing and just write Happy Birthday on top.

I will be sure to take a photo of whatever I decide on!

What is your favourite cake flavour? Chocolate, Vanilla etc?

Simone xx

all image sources can be found on my pinterest board.


  1. I always am in charged of the cake too, we usually just make something small as usually the party is tiny,
    I really like the first one, maybe put chocolate or just use fondant.

    I love a good sponge vanilla cake with a nice coffee too.

  2. I'm saving up that smarty idea, my girl would LOVE it!
    Best of luck, I'm sure that no matter what you make it will be delicious!

  3. Good luck with the cake making I'm sure your Dad will love it whatever it looks like when he knows you made it for him :)

  4. I LOVE that 2-0 cake, but it would take ages to put all the little Smarties or Raspberries or Jaffa lollies onto the 6-0 in such a neat pattern.
    I'm sure whatever cake you decide on will be lovely.
    Good luck!

  5. Mmm.
    You are one talented woman (in my book) - to even be able to contemplate those!
    Happy baking!
    :-) xx

  6. How exciting! Love a good birthday cake... and love baking a cake too, especially for loved ones.
    Can't wait to see a pic, hope it was a lovely party for your Dad xo

  7. I saw your number cake on Instagramed and it was great. I love the giant Tim Tam cake too.

  8. A 60 cake would be perfect, there are only so many 'big deal' birthdays a number would be suitable for. That giant tim tam cake looks amazing though...



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